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Can housing accumulation fund be withdrawn without buying a house? How to withdraw housing fund

Can individual mobile phone raise accumulation fund? In five insurances and one fund, one fund is a very important part, which is usually used when buying a house. It is difficult to withdraw. But it can also be extracted under special circumstances. Let's have a look.

1. Can individual mobile phone raise accumulation fund.

By the end of 2018, the mobile client will realize the functions of personal provident fund extraction, etc. In the future, the provident fund does not need to be handled by the agency of the unit, and the individual can directly handle the withdrawal. On April 8, 2018, Beijing housing provident fund management center issued the announcement on suspension of relevant business processing for system upgrading. From 0:00 on April 23 to 24:00 on May 9, Beijing housing provident fund management center will upgrade the system. After upgrading, we can query the three mobile phone clients of Beijing provident fund'APP, Alipay life code and WeChat official account 'Beijing provident fund' from May 15th, and find out the balance of personal fund and loans.

2. How to withdraw cash from provident fund mobile phone

During the upgrade of Beijing provident fund management center system, some provident fund businesses will be suspended, including: housing provident fund, housing subsidies, housing replacement and sale funds, after-sale public housing special maintenance funds, registration and account opening, payment, withdrawal, transfer, transfer and information change of commercial housing special maintenance funds; Personal loan application, loan, repayment and loan change of housing provident fund; online business of Beijing housing provident fund network unit; online business of Beijing special maintenance fund management system (excluding emergency withdrawal business); 12329 self-service inquiry, repayment appointment and password reset business of housing provident fund service hotline; Housing fund co branded card application and co branded card bank end housing fund inquiry and other businesses. At present, it can only be mentioned in Beijing, and other cities need to wait.

3. Current advance provisions for provident fund

According to our current provisions on housing accumulation fund, if the employee has any of the following circumstances, he / she can withdraw the deposit balance in the account for withdrawing the housing accumulation fund:

(1) Purchasing, constructing, renovating or overhauling self-contained houses;

(2) Retired or retired;

(3) Completely losing the ability to work and terminating the labor relationship with the unit;

(4) Outbound settlement;

(5) Repay the principal and interest of the house purchase loan;

(6) The rent exceeds the prescribed proportion of the family's wage income;

(7) Terminate labor relationship with the unit and move out of the city;

(8) The employee who is not registered in this city terminates the labor relationship with the unit, does not work in this city and leaves this city;

(9) Employees enjoy low living security in cities and towns;

(10) Part of the staff and workers lose their ability to work and cause serious difficulties in life;

(11) The employee, his / her spouse, parents and children suffer from the special disease stipulated by the labor and Social Security Department of Fujian Province (refer to the "department document" column of the provident fund website), which causes serious difficulties in family life.