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Do you need a business license to open Taobao store? Detailed process of Taobao business license

Many users who want to open Taobao store wonder how to apply for Taobao business license? In fact, they need to have certain qualifications and materials to open Taobao store, so how to apply for Taobao business license? Let's understand the detailed process.

1、 Regulations on individual businesses and measures for the administration of registration of individual businesses

2、 Materials to be submitted for business license of Taobao

1. The application for registration of the opening of individual businesses signed by the operator;

2. Copy of ID card of operator (front and back copies);

3. Certificate of use of business place:

If an individual business uses its own place as its business place, it shall submit a copy of the property right certificate of its own place; if it rents another's place, it shall submit a copy of the lease agreement and the property right certificate of the place; If it is unable to submit the property right certificate of the business place, it can submit the relevant certificate issued by the market sponsor, the Management Committee of various development zones approved by the government and the village neighborhood committee to agree to engage in business activities in the place; if the military real estate is used as the residence, it can submit the copy of the military real estate leasing license.

If the house is changed into a commercial house, which belongs to a town house, the registration schedule - registration form of residence (business place) and the certificate issued by the local residents committee (or the owners committee) that the interested owners agree to change the house into a commercial house shall also be submitted; if the house is not a town house, the relevant certificate specified by the local government shall be submitted;

4. Where there are items in the business scope of application for registration that must be submitted for approval before registration as required by laws, administrative regulations and decisions of the State Council, a copy of the relevant license or approval document shall be submitted;

5. Notice on the pre approval of the name of individual businesses (if there is no business name or the business scope does not involve the pre approval items, the application for the pre approval of the name of individual businesses may not be submitted);

6. If an agent is entrusted to handle the case, it shall also submit the "certificate of entrusted agent" signed by the operator and a copy of the ID card of the entrusted agent.

Note: 1. In case of applying for registration as a family business, the host business operator shall be used as the business operator for registration, and all family members participating in the business operation shall sign in the signature column of the business operator in the application for business operation registration of individual business. Submit the copy of household register or marriage certificate as the proof of family member's kinship; meanwhile, submit the copy of ID card of other family members participating in business operation, and record their name and ID card number; residents of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan farmers and Taiwan residents apply for business registration of self-employed businesses

2. The application form and other application materials submitted shall be A4 type paper;

3. If the above items do not indicate that the copies are to be submitted, the original copy shall be submitted; if the copies are to be submitted, the "same as the original copy" shall be indicated and signed by the self-employed business operators or their entrusted agents;

4. If it is necessary to verify the substance of the application materials according to the legal conditions and procedures, it shall be verified according to law.

Three. Procedures

Application acceptance review decision

4、 Term of business license of Taobao

If the application materials are complete and conform to the legal form, the business license shall be obtained within two working days from the date of receiving the acceptance notice.

Five, charge

No charge