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Who is on the post-90s rich list in 2018? Top 10 of China's post-90s rich in 2018

With the release of Forbes rich list, recently, various rich lists have been published. No, the post-90s rich list of 2018 has also been published, so who is on the post-90s rich list of 2018? Let's learn about the top ten richest people in China in 2018.

China's top 10 post-90s rich list 2018:

1. Ji kaiting

Age: 27

Value: 8 billion

Identity: executive director of Longguang real estate

Ji kaiting is the daughter of Ji Haipeng, chairman and CEO of Longguang real estate. She was born in Hong Kong in 1990. Like most of the children of the rich, Ji kaiting went abroad to study and was ready to take over the family business. In August 2011, she received her bachelor's degree in economics and finance from the University of London. After returning to China, he became a non-executive director of Longguang real estate and entrusted to hold 85% of the equity of Longguang real estate.

And she is very low-key, she does not work in the company, and the activities related to the company can hardly see her, even few people know her appearance. But in recent years, she has been in charge of the company's land acquisition for many times, which shows her great talent and ranks first among the top ten richest people in China's post-90s generation.

2. Hou Junjian

Age: 27

Value: 442 million

Identity: Director of spark environment

Spark environment is an environmental protection company mainly dealing with industrial waste water, and it is also a family business. Hou Junjian's grandfather holds 69% of the shares, while his father holds 31%, which are the first and second largest shareholders of spark environment respectively. One month after the company landed on the new third board in 2014, Hou Junjian's grandfather and father both transferred their shares to him, so he held 49.79% of the shares, and is the largest shareholder of the company at present.

3, Li Xu

Age: 26

Value: 395 million

Identity: Chairman of dingrun investment

Li Xu was also born in the rich family. His grandfather was Li Fucheng, the founder of Fucheng Feiniu. In August 2011, Li Xu served as the chairman of runxu real estate development company, and in 2016, he became the chairman of dingrun investment. After the company registered on the new third board, the market value was 1.186 billion yuan, with Li Xu holding 33.33%. At the same time, Li Xu also served as the chairman of Sanhe runxu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Sanhe Boli technology micro loan Co., Ltd. and Jinding pawn.

Unfortunately, at about 3:00 p.m. on February 12, 2016, Li Xu drove a Bentley near Fucheng Road in Yanjiao, where he was only 26 years old and died of invalid rescue.

4. Yao Shangkun

Age: 23

Value: 350 million

Identity: Chairman of Qiankun group

Yao Shangkun, who was born in 1995, can be said to be the 'Legend' among the top ten richest people in China. Yao Shangkun, 13, dropped out of school in 2008 to start his own business. In 2010, he founded Qiankun studio and registered with Shanghai Qiankun Technology Co., Ltd. In 2012, he served as the chairman of Qiankun group. At that time, his company had three subsidiaries with an annual output value of more than one billion yuan. At present, the company is mainly engaged in real estate investment and management.

5, Lu Han

Age: 28

Value: 270 million

Identity: Actor

Lu Han is the most valuable non entrepreneur among the top ten post-90s in China. He was 28 years old on April 20, 1990. From being an exo member in South Korea to going back to China for independent development, Lu Han's fans and influence have increased like a rocket. Any microblog is tens of thousands of likes, forwards and comments. Film and television, variety, advertising endorsement is to receive soft.

6. Wang Junkai

Age: 19

Value: 248 million

Identity: singer

Wang Junkai is the youngest person on this list. Although tfboys is very popular, Wang Junkai is also the most popular member as the team leader. But no one thought that he would use 200 million yuan to force Lu Han to be under 20 years old. At present, Wang Junkai is developing his career while studying in Beiying. According to the current momentum, the future is limitless.

7. Zhang Zhenhao

Age: 25

Value: 220 million

Identity: Director of lean Global

Zhang Zhenhao is the son of the head of core energy technology. When he studied for master's degree in the UK in 2014, Zhang Zhenhao registered a lean Global Limited company in the British Virgin Islands, through which he holds 7.2% of the shares of core energy technology. At the same time, lean global, which is chaired by him, is also expanding its scale.

8. Wang zening

Age: 23

Value: 140 million

Identity: Director of WanChen biology

Wang zening is now a director of WanChen biology. This company is the business of his family. His father, Wang Jiankun, is a legal person of the company, in which a number of relatives also work. His aunt gave him 10% equity of WanChen biology through jinwanchen of Zhangzhou.

9. Zhang lishai

Age: 23

Value: 135 million

Identity: Director of Minzheng agriculture and animal husbandry

Zhang lishai's wealth came from his uncle, who developed a pig farm into a breeding company and transferred 70% of the company's shares to him. They jointly controlled the company.

10. Jia Pengfei

Age: 23

Value: 129 million

Identity: the largest shareholder of Pengfei Co., Ltd

Jia Pengfei's grandfather is the founder of Pengfei shares, in which his father also works. The three of them hold 65.76% of the shares, while Jia Pengfei is the largest shareholder of Pengfei. But he was not involved in the operation of the company, and his grandfather was still the actual controller.

In addition to Ji kaiting, the wealth of the rest of China's post-90s is less than 500 million yuan, which is far from the world's youngest rich list. Whether inherited or self-made, the wealth has reached billions of dollars.