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What do you mean by Koi? What is the stem of forwarding Koi?

is Koi a popular search term last year? Is there often a Weibo user who forwards Koi on Weibo? Forwarding koi is a word we often see on Weibo. @A micro blog sent by King Koi. A simple 'July, pay attention to forwarding this Koi King' with a koi map, forwarding less than half a day, this micro blog has more than 60000 forwarding. Will forwarding Koi really bring you good luck?

The cultural explanation seems to make sense: since ancient times, ordinary people have a sense of auspiciousness for carp. The story of "carp leaping over the dragon's gate" has spread to thousands of families. Confucius also named his son Li because of "jiazhirui". As a variety of carp, koi is indeed endowed with auspiciousness, love and courage. In Japan, Koi flag has also become a symbol of boy's day.

However, in the real Internet world, Koi seems to have changed its taste. Nearly ten thousand netizens' comments are all wishes for blessings: bless the passing of the exam, hope that the stock will soar, bless the safety of the journey & hellip; & hellip; Koi's traditional cultural symbolism has been broken, people make their own demands, Koi has become a God that seems to carry everything.

It's also becoming easier and more replicable to create such a God: it takes only one picture as a carrier. A large number of self media get a lot of traffic by imitating this cheap forwarding, which makes this forwarding become the most common marketing tool.

In fact, what are our wishes? Success or failure has nothing to do with forwarding.

For example, as a rookie graduate, you are going to have an interview. Outside the office, I read in my heart: "God bless, God bless, God bless!" and even read aloud, which should be more common? But usually we don't believe in God at all, so we just ask for psychological comfort.

Maybe we don't really believe that forwarding brings good luck. Most people's mindset is: I don't know if this carp works, but the cost of forwarding and commenting is so low, why don't I believe it? Therefore, the people who forward the carp are all active and voluntary.

The metaphor of Zhihu netizen is more incisive:

There's nothing wrong with such a mindset. But what's terrible is that when the wish really comes true, we blame 'I forwarded' for the reason of the wish coming true, and we blame 'good luck' for the success of our efforts. @Weibo king is constantly strengthening people's belief in this -- encouraging more people to repay their wishes and forward them, and convincing people that "King Koi" has played a role.

However, in fact, the part that really plays a role is not Koi. The positive psychological suggestion of the wish maker promotes the realization of the wish more or less.

More importantly, according to the theory of evolutionary psychologists, it is found that the law and the assumption of causality are inherent psychological tendencies of human evolution and development. It is human nature and psychological needs to find causality between them.

The harm of making a wish and fulfilling a wish to Koi lies in that it will make people establish incorrect causal logic for what happened, affect rational judgment and cognition of facts.