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How to write new year's Day greeting card? New year's Day greeting card

Classic New Year's Day greeting card

1、 Dad, remember to smoke less, drink less and exercise more. Your family is happy. Happy New Year's Day!

2、 New year means a new year, a new beginning, everything from the beginning, a good beginning is half the success. I wish you will always be a success.

3、 The new year is coming. I wish you two hands full of money, three sheep in your career, four points and five cracks in your troubles, seven emotions and six desires, 100000 miles away from difficulties, and 99% happiness in the end.

4、 I wish you a smooth sailing, two dragons flying, three sheep Kaitai, four seasons of peace, five blessings on the door, six six Dashun, seven stars shining high, eight sides to finance, nine concentric, perfect.

5、 When the fireworks bloom, when the firecrackers sing, when the happy singing, when the new year's bell rings, that is my blessing to you, my friend, happy new year, happy New Year!

6、 The new year is coming. I hope you can have a charming spring, cool summer dew, cool autumn wind and white winter snow. Happy and safe every day, fruitful month, happy New Year!

7、 Dear: it's boring without you! I don't know when to start, I'm used to your existence. At the beginning of the new year, I want to say 'I love you forever'.

8、 May happiness overflow as often as memory, money not enough as hard disk, good luck as mouse in hand, life as CPU, mood as bright as monitor! Happy New Year's day to you!

9、 Warm reminder: don't frown when you are tired today; don't be angry when you are upset; don't cry when you are sad; don't be sad when you are lonely; find friends when you are lonely, and find happiness when you are upset; don't ask me why, new year's Day is to be happy. Happy New Year!

10、 The winter solstice is shining, everyone applauds happily; safe and beautiful travel, every day has a good mood; Christmas elegant transformation, people's happiness and salary increase; new year's Day is gorgeous, everyone's happiness and longevity increase; the program continues to be wonderful and friends don't forget to contact.

Happy Edition

1、 New year's Day is coming. I'd like to say hello to you. Happy without trouble, good luck with running. Family reunion, Tianlun happy. Friends support each other, the mood is not lonely. Business Fengshui Shun, gold and silver support purse. Wish you a happy life!

2、 New year, new wish, new hope, new life, wish you a good, good and good new year, new spring and new life!

3、 In the new spring of 2018, eat big meals, drink less, eat more vegetables, can't reach them, stand up, be respected, play tricks, can't eat, come back!

4、 On the new year's day, I wish you: big money, small money, unexpected money, and a lot of money; family, love, friends, share the true feelings; love, family, confidants, everyone is safe; official, lucky, and lucky, every day!

5、 Happiness is pestilence, infecting you and me; happiness is candy, giving you and me; happiness is relay, passing you and me; happiness is reminder, informing you and me; new year's day has come, remember to be happy, laugh all day long.

6、 When the new year comes, I will send you a fish & gt; & lt; (; & gt;, I hope you will have more wealth, more fish, more spirit and more happiness in the new year. Happy New Year's Day!

7、 New year's Day is coming, remember to play: the weather is good, so no trouble to travel. Warm clothes should be prepared. Happiness and warmth are important. Food match should be done well, eat more fruit and pear peach. Happy New Year's Day!

8、 New year's day general mobilization: release your happiness, show your enthusiasm, show your smile, show your vitality, enjoy the joy of the festival and celebrate New Year's day. At the same time, don't forget to take out your RMB and send a blessing SMS!

9、 New year's Day is here. I'll send you a couplet! First couplet: eat, drink, and don't put it in your heart. Second couplet: soak in the bath, look at the watch, comfortable one second is one second. Hengpai: happy!

10、 Gongs and drums are noisy in the new year. The new year's party is full of stars. Family and friends gather at the top of the table. Put on the new clothes and meet the relatives, and look forward to the new year. I wish you a good mood on New Year's day!

Funny Edition

1、 The new year elf asked Santa: 'is there any egg left at Christmas?' Santa replied: 'only one is left, or round. "So, the new year Spirit said: Oh, I would like to wish all the people who read the text message: 'happy round egg'!

2、 Read this message, you owe me a card; delete, owe me a gift; reply, owe me a meal. Do not reply, owe me a happy New Year's day.

3、 Man, have you made a fortune this year? Don't forget to treat -- just a joke, happy New Year! Happy Spring Festival! Smooth work! Make a fortune in 2018, good luck!

4、 Hi, brother! Because of the distance, I can't celebrate with you; because I'm not rich, I can't give you any gifts, but because of my worry, I want to send you a text message, saying peace and blessing!

5、 You are wanted on New Year's Eve. There are two crimes you have committed: one is that you are too kind to your friends, and that you are righteous enough; the other is that you have a youthful face and a bright smile. The court hereby adjudicates as follows: punish you to be my friend for life, no appeal!

6、 Once upon a time, there was a fool who gathered all the stupid people in the world to have a meal on a winter day. In order to commemorate this activity, he designated this day as "stupid day". Still in a daze, you have a share of it! "Happy stupid day!

7、 Proud to miss me, ashamed to ignore me, proud to care for me, ashamed to ignore me, proud to praise me, ashamed to criticize me, proud to invite me to eat, ashamed to take advantage of me. Remember eight honors and eight disgraces, happy New Year's Day!

8、 For life's sake, you run around; for frugality's sake, you never spend money; originally, you didn't want to talk about it, but dinner hasn't arrived yet; I don't want Christmas or new year's day, I just want tomatoes and scrambled eggs!

9、 Round egg round egg, round egg, new year's egg, it's called New Year's day. The egg that hasn't been eaten is called Christmas. If you think about new year's day, don't eat eggs. If you think about Christmas, you can eat half an egg. Hehe, do you think about it?

10、 New year's Day is coming, and my blessing is coming. I laugh every day, count money every day, the boss smiles at you, raises the salary to the red envelope, the beautiful woman throws the hydrangea ball, specially hits your hair ends, can't hide, can't escape, happy New Year!