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What should I do if I have acne on my nose

Pox on the nose is like a red flower in the white flowers. It's to be more eye-catching and eye-catching. But why does nose grow blain? Even puberty endocrine did not make nose acne ah, just a few acne or blackhead. So the question is coming. What's the reason? How to treat it?

It depends on what you eat before, or whether you do a good face cleaning, especially the nose cleaning. As we all know, the nose is also divided into nose, nose bridge and nose wing. Generally, the T-shaped part of the face refers to the nose bridge and nose, where the oil secretion is very strong. But even if the oil secretion is too much, it will not grow smallpox. So small make up tell everybody, in fact long pox cent of internal cause and external cause.

The external causes of nose acne are mite infection and improper choice of cleanser. Have you heard that if you don't wash for three days, millions of mites will accompany you to sleep? When sweating or sleeping at night, if you feel a slight itch on your nose, and after a period of time, if there are pimples on your nose, it may be that mite excretion may cause pore blockage. Especially when the choice of cleanser is not right, or no cleanser is needed at all, the accumulation of grease will lead to the imbalance of acid-base of nose skin, and it will be more and more prone to acne.

The internal causes of nose acne are usually lung fire and endocrine disorders. Lung fire may be due to eating spicy fried food that causes stomach and large intestine to catch fire. Stay up late to work overtime, mood fluctuation is big, endocrine maladjustment also can cause sebum to secrete too much, cause pore to block thereby, grow smallpox. In this way, effective cleanser must be used to remove grease and mite excretion. If you want to be more affordable, you need to prepare a treasure, rice washing water, which has been fermented for two or three hours. Some people say that vinegar mixed with water can only be used as a cleanser for two or three times a month, after all, it will damage the cuticle.