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How about depression? Can you suffer from depression

It is said that depression is a kind of mood disease, a disease derived from social and economic civilization, or an emotional disease caused by urban high pressure. Now people also pay more and more attention to mood disease. There is also mood leave in foreign countries, which is a way of asking for leave, especially in the previous coastal company because of employees' mood leave. In fact, palpitation and palpitation are aggravated, insomnia and dreaminess are aggravated, which is a kind of depression, and it will hurt the heart and liver. But will you suffer from depression?

In fact, depression, strictly speaking, is not a disease, but it is really related to the disease. Depression is that dopamine secretion is not much, which may make the mental activity decrease, the attention is not focused, the thinking activity is limited, and may also be insomnia and dreaminess. In this way, depression is a big or small thing. In a big way, it may lead to depression. Of course, it's OK to find a close friend to talk with you once in a while. If you have been depressed for a while, and it lasts a long time, you need psychological counseling and some activities.

People who are depressed for a long time tend to be reluctant to move more, but this is not right. Increasing activities will get rid of troubles instead. It is useful to cry when you are sad to a certain extent. This can release the inner negative energy.

What we should tell you is that some people call depression as a precursor, and even some people regard depression as depression directly. So if it's really serious, it's taking medicine. There are also people who need to know each other well. Don't force them to talk or pull them for anything. Depressed just need others to listen to him and accompany him. In fact, exercise is a good way to relieve the mood and do something interesting. For example, there is a saying: "let unhappiness turn into sweat and evaporate.". 'it really works.