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What good movies did you miss in 2018? The latest release of films on 2018 list

Now with the development of science and technology, the movie has entered the hearts of the audience step by step. What science fiction movie and suspense movie comedy movie are all sought after by the audience. What is a good movie in your hearts? What good movies did you miss in 2018? The latest films on the 2018 list have been released.

In the past few years, no matter in the name of the TV people or in the name of the movie "war Wolf II", all the drama groups have seen the huge market of real-world film and television works. Now in 2018, four Chinese films have been very popular with the audience. They are the action adventure movie "wild beast", the comedy "Chinatown detective II". In July, I was not the God of medicine, and Shen Teng's Xihong City richest man After the program was broadcast, they all achieved over 100 million box office results.

This film takes monsters as its theme. The story is similar to the previous story of fighting monsters. Because of the accident of gene experiment, biological variation is caused and social unrest is caused. At the same time, the plot of the movie is easy to understand, adding the emotional element of protecting close friends as the main highlight of the story. The whole plot is ups and downs, thrilling and exciting, which makes the editor's heart can't let go. In particular, the special effects that the crew added to the film shocked the editor. Wearing 3D glasses to watch the film was like a real experience. The editor loved the thrill.

In recent years, comedies have been popular in China, and various comedies with different names emerge in endlessly in China. Perhaps most people think that "the detective in Chinatown" is a comedy with a little reasoning element. In fact, this movie is not really an excellent reasoning movie. In the play, Wang Baoqiang still plays a character he is good at, a northeast saying Out on the opening of the whole laugh, and for the plot to increase the color of joy. Especially in "Chinatown detective street I", Wang Baoqiang's fight with Xiao Shenyang was just an explosion of funny technology. In the conversation between Wang Baoqiang and Xiao Shenyang, Xiao Bian suddenly found that they are all outstanding talents in the field of comedy. No matter in speaking or in action, their comedy talent brought joy to the audience at all times. Xiaobian likes them.

"I am not the God of medicine" is not a realistic movie, it is a commercial and narrative popular drama. According to the general interest of the audience, this drama group created the movie "I am not the God of medicine", which has the characteristics of sadness and happiness to enrich the plot of the movie. And after the broadcast of the program, it has been popular in more than half of China. It has to be said that the success of the play depends on the reality of modern medical reform. Also, if it is not an open film censorship system, the editor and you may not see that I am not the God of medicine. I don't know if you as readers will like this movie?

After "I'm not the God of medicine" was broadcast, a Chinese comedy movie broke out again, that is, this year's comedy "Xihong city's richest man". The plot of this drama is similar to the grassroots fairy tale of "Charlotte's troubles". The exaggerated stories and performances in the film are not lack of laughter. The final result of "emotion is better than money" moved Xiaobian very much. Now there are several people in real life There are several people who can make the right choice between interests and friendship without being interfered by interests. The movie's "money view" is not hypocritical. At the end of the movie, Shen Teng's plot of leaving his son's family property proves to the audience that "money is not everything, but many things can't be done without money".

Today, the editor of led you to recall the four most popular movies this year. Do you have any impression on these movies? Among the top ten four films, which one do you prefer? No matter which movie it is, isn't it a Chinese movie? Many films make complaints about make complaints about the movie. Xiaobian really loves those stars. After a performance, a lot of friends make complaints about it.

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