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What are the suitable ornamental fish for novice? Ten immortal tropical fish

Many ornamental fish are very beautiful. Raising some at home can make the family very lively. Watching the colorful elves swimming, you will feel better. So in recent years, there are more and more friends who raise ornamental fish. There are also some people who want to raise fish because novices are afraid of not being able to raise them. Today, Xiaobian will introduce ten kinds of ornamental fish that are very suitable for novices.

1、 Moonfish

Moonfish is a kind of fish that is easy to raise. It has strong adaptability and is easy to feed. In terms of reproduction, it's not worrying. It's OK to use water once or twice a month. This kind of fish is more suitable for those who are often busy working, because the maximum limit of starvation tolerance is half a month. It is recommended to feed every day so that the fish can grow better.

2、 Golden triangle lamp

Golden triangle lamp is a kind of fish that is easy to raise. It is suitable to live in 22 ~ 26 ℃ water temperature and like to swim in the middle of the water. It is an egg fish. We need to feed some flake feed and small active food everyday.

3、 Anchovies

Anchovies is a kind of relatively beautiful tropical ornamental fish, which can survive when the water temperature is above 18 ℃. This kind of fish is gentle and does not like to move. The smaller one eats red insects, water fleas and dry feed.

4、 No need for four belts

Four belt needn't fish is a kind of fish that needs to be raised. There are four black lines on the body that prefer to swim in the water. The life span is about 3 to 5 years. This kind of fish can't be mixed with the fish with long fins, or it will attack the other side's fins.


Tangyu, also known as red tailed fish, is a kind of tropical fish with high ornamental value. It is strong and easy to raise. It likes to live in neutral and weak acid water quality for about 2 to 3 years.

6、 Soldier catfish

Soldier catfish is one of the ten immortal tropical fish, which mainly uses beard to trap food. This kind of fish is relatively gentle and easy to feed, with an average life span of about 3 to 5 years.

7、 Blue Samsung

Blue Samsung is a light blue fish with black spots. The color will change after a period of time. There are different shades of dark blue and blue and green, which are very beautiful. It is a kind of fish with high ornamental value.

8、 Peacock fish

Peacock fish is a kind of popular fish with strong reproductive capacity. In a very short period of time can breed a lot of small fish out, is one of the ten immortal tropical fish.

9、 Swordfish grouper

The body color of swordfish is bright red, and it is generally raised in aquarium for high ornamental fish. The cultured swordfish has different colors. Generally, the common ones are red and yellow. It is a kind of fish that many fish lovers like.

10、 Fat carp with big fin

The big fin carp is one of the ten immortal tropical fish. It can grow and breed healthily by giving it acid soft water. This kind of fish can be mixed with other fish, but it's better to keep it specially.