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What is the 2018 Zhengzhou limit? Details of Zhengzhou limited number area

Just passed the single and double number restriction, but Zhengzhou has ushered in a new restriction. How does the 2018 Zhengzhou restriction stipulate? Let's take a look at the details of Zhengzhou limited number area with the editor.

Restricted area:

The restricted area is the area enclosed by four third ring roads, which do not belong to the restricted area.

Time limit:

From January 1, 2018, 7-21 o'clock of working day.

Compared with the restrictions in December 2017, the time has been relaxed a lot.

I didn't say when it will end. It may be a long time limit in the future. Please pay attention to the latest news by yourself.

License plate number of restricted traffic:

The license plate number is limited by the last digit, referred to as the tail number.

Two license plate numbers are limited to travel every day during working days, and each vehicle is limited to travel for one day every week. As shown in the figure, the working day is the day of the week and the license plate number is limited every day.

Saturday and Sunday that need to go to work due to national statutory holidays shall be restricted according to the corresponding working days of the holidays. For example, April 8, 2018 is limited by April 6 (Friday), April 28 is limited by April 30 (Monday).

But during the Spring Festival, how to calculate the line restriction on Saturday and Sunday when you need to work due to compensatory leave? I'm not sure about this. Please pay attention to the latest announcement near the Spring Festival.

Which vehicles are not restricted?

All kinds of special vehicles (see the original announcement in the figure for details) and vehicles with new energy special plates are not within the scope of traffic restriction

Such license plates are new energy license plates, green and yellow green license plates.

How to punish for violation?

In Zhengzhou, if you break the limit, you will be fined 100 points, deducted 3 points, and deducted 4 times, so be careful.

How to deal with the traffic restriction?

In view of cold weather and poor air quality, bus and subway are preferred.

When the air is good, you can go to work by bike.