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A sense of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

this year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, and the motherland has undergone tremendous changes. So how to write the composition for the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up? Are you worried about this problem? Don't worry. Today's editor has compiled some model text templates for you. Please don't miss them if you need them. Let's have a look!


The title of my speech is' spring brings rain to China, and reform and opening up takes the east wind! '

It's 40 years from 1978 to 2018, but it's not the past. In 2018, China ushered in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. China is closer, more confident and capable than ever before to achieve the strategic goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation has ushered in a great leap from standing up, becoming rich to becoming strong. China is getting closer to the center of the world stage.

What gave us so much power 40 years ago? It was reform and opening up. What made us change in such a short period of 40 years? It was reform and opening up. What made us live and work in peace and contentment and achieve a well-off life in 40 years? Or reform and opening up!

I am a post-80s youth. It can be said that the time of reform and opening-up has not lasted 40 years. Maybe I really feel that the time of reform and opening-up is even shorter. But today, standing on this podium, I want to use my childhood, youth and youth to express the days I have gone through together with reform and opening-up. In childhood, there are few varieties of vegetables and meat. Dumplings are the happiest time at home. Toys are handmade by parents. The clothes they wear are "new three years, old three years, sewing and mending three years". The color is single and the style is simple; As a teenager, Coca Cola, Jianlibao and various novel books gradually appeared in our field of vision. Comic books have been replaced by laser videos and well-designed comic novels. The ice cream with five cents a stick has disappeared. Ice cream with various tastes has occupied the young's green and astringent eyes. The 15 inch Yellow River black-and-white TV has been replaced by the 21 inch panda color TV, which has played more than just It's news broadcast and animal world; In my youth, although I was no longer interested in countless snacks on the street, I found that cars, trains, airplanes, subways, light rail and other means of transportation have become an integral part of my life. Clothes of brands from all over the world have been hung in my wardrobe. Super market vegetables are more popular than meat. Big back projection and plasma are no longer rare. Computer notebook And the network quietly set up the point, line and surface of my life.

My friends, don't forget to dig a well when drinking water. Live in peace and think about the source. History tells us that it was the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee in 1978 that ushered in the spring breeze of reform, ushered in a new historical period of reform and opening up, and drove China into a fast lane of high-speed development. Since then, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people, with their indomitable enterprising spirit and magnificent innovative practice, have composed a magnificent epic of the Chinese nation's unremitting and indomitable progress. The face of the Communist Party of China, the face of socialist China and the face of the Chinese people have undergone historic changes. "The white cat and the black cat, catch the mouse is a good cat" has ushered in the emancipation of the Chinese people's minds, "some people get rich first", let the economy take off boldly with wings, closely unite around the party's second, third and fourth generation leadership core, and the Chinese nation strides forward to the world's national forest.

I am proud of being a Chinese, because I have witnessed 40 years of ups and downs, Phoenix Nirvana, and dragon flying; I am proud of being a & times; & times; because I participated in the & times; & times; which is no regrets to watch the country move towards stability, unity, prosperity and prosperity;. In the days to come, I, as a * * growing up with the reform and opening up, will guard the reform and opening up for 10, 20, 40 or more years. Based on my own experience and great gratitude, I will strengthen the faith of socialism with Chinese characteristics and fulfill the historical mission of & times.


Generally speaking, reform and opening up refers to the strategic decision of "internal reform and opening up" put forward by the Communist Party of China at the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee in 1978, which is the first national policy with the theme of opening up since the founding of new China. This policy has changed the situation that China has been closed to the outside world for a long time, and made China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, to be exact) open to the outside world to carry out free trade, thus reversing the situation that the economy is on the verge of collapse, improving the international image, greatly increasing the national income and enriching the material life.

After ten years of turmoil, China is on the verge of economic collapse, with a serious fiscal deficit, poor people, backward science and technology, serious inner-Party struggle and unstable political situation. In such a crisis, Deng Xiaoping came to power three times and tried to carry out all-round reform of China at that time. In order to speed up China's economic development as soon as possible, Deng Xiaoping and the party's pragmatists decided to change the existing economic system and transform the existing planned economy into a market economy.

In history, Lenin also carried out new economic policies in the early stage of socialist construction of the Soviet Union, allowing part of capitalism to exist in socialism in order to promote social development. Perhaps inspired by Lenin's actions, a new generation of Chinese Communists with Deng Xiaoping as the core are determined to reverse the inherent impression of communism in the hearts of the people. The purpose of this reform is to change the existing management system and policies in production that do not meet the needs of the times and development and establish a socialist market economy on the premise of maintaining the Communist system. This reform took the lead in rural areas, and then it was carried out at a rapid speed in major cities and special economic zones.

The impact of reform and opening up is remarkable, among which the achievements are also huge. From 1978 to 2011, the people's Republic of China changed from a country with 200 million people living below the poverty line, isolated from the rest of the world, into a strong economy with prosperous economy and active market, and reduced nearly one fifth of the world's poor at that time. People's life is also accompanied by the rapid change of reform and the continuous enrichment of material and spiritual life. According to official data, from 1978 to 2008, China's per capita GDP rose from 225 US dollars to 3000 US dollars. In 2009, China's foreign exchange reserves reached US $2 trillion, becoming the largest creditor of the United States. In 20XX, China's GDP surpassed that of Japan and became the second largest economy in the world.

In fact, throughout history, the effective planned economy in the early days of the founding of the people 's Republic of China has been proved wrong in the reform and opening up, while the production contract responsibility system, which has made great achievements in the reform and opening up, has been proved wrong in the present. Therefore, perhaps, the greatest enlightenment of the reform and opening up to us is not to adhere to anything, even to adhere to the reform and opening up itself, but to doubt. Liang Qichao has said: "if you change, you can make it work. If you change, you can make it work for a long time.".

To see all things in the world, only progress is worth believing. I think of the great debate that took place in 1979 - practice is the only test of truth. Maybe that's what changed China's progress.


China's development is characterized by extraordinary complexity, extraordinary arduousness and unique long-term nature, which cannot be unreal or romantic. Only by being down-to-earth, patient and prudent, and constantly summing up experience, can we continue to develop. There is no other way.

In 1978, China began to reform and open up, and began to explore the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the past 40 years, great and profound changes have taken place in China's economy and society, and China has made remarkable achievements. With their intelligence, strength and exploration, the Chinese people have created Chinese miracles and world miracles in the history of human civilization. What is the most valuable? Your experience is the most valuable. What is your own experience? It is Deng Xiaoping theory, which is the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Summing up the experience in the past 40 years of reform and opening up is not only a summary of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics that we have created, but also a historical requirement to adapt to the process of industrialization, urbanization, marketization, internationalization and modernization, and constantly push the reform forward.

Reform is the basic method of social system evolution

In the process of human transforming nature and developing productivity, the relations of production and superstructure are also constantly transforming and developing. In the final analysis, the existence and value of production relations and superstructure, including various systems, are determined by productivity and serve the development of productivity. As long as there is development, reform is needed. Reform is the development mode of system and superstructure.

Human beings have created many systems to meet their own needs and protect their rights. System is a social system created by human beings, a social necessity for human production, life, survival and development, and a service for people's own interests.

The progress of human society is the process of continuous creation, reform and improvement of the system. There are economic system, political system, social system, cultural system and so on. All kinds of systems are important parts of superstructure. The system itself is ultimately determined by the economic basis, not by subjective assumption or imagination. The existing system can only be combined and adapted to the reality of the country and the nation, and can only be characteristic.

There are no more than two basic ways of institutional development. When it is impossible for the system to adjust itself and develop itself, it will meet the needs of people's Liberation and development of productive forces by means of revolution and by means of fierce, violent and bloody changes of dynasties and regime. When the system can adjust itself and develop itself, it will reform the system and liberate and develop the productive forces in a peaceful, gradual and bloodless way through reform. Reform is a process of institutional progress and a method of institutional evolution. In history, these two ways of change have been going on all the time.

Whether a system has vitality depends on its ability of self adjustment, self-improvement and self-development. If the socialist system does not have the ability to improve itself and develop itself, it will be sent to the museum like all the dead systems. Comrade Deng Xiaoping said that no reform is a dead end; reform is also a revolution, a 'second revolution', but the method of this revolution is different from the violent and bloody revolution, and its purpose is to liberate and develop the productive forces.

Reform is a double exploration of theory and Practice

All existing and realistic socialism is characteristic. Our socialism can only proceed from China's reality and follow a path that is compatible with China's national conditions, that is, the path of reform and opening up explored by the Chinese people themselves.

Reform is a great exploration, both practical and theoretical. Practical exploration is the source, power, truth standard and value embodiment of theoretical exploration. Theoretical exploration is always the experience of practical exploration, which is sublimated into theory to further guide the development of practical exploration. The theory of separation from practice is empty, and the practice of separation from theory is blind. The dual exploration of theory and practice complements each other, playing the Chinese reform Huacai movement together.

Any reform is inseparable from the summary of experience and theoretical thinking. Just as there is no revolutionary theory and no revolutionary victory, there is no Deng Xiaoping Theory and no revolutionary victory