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What are the songs about Christmas? Summary of Christmas classic songs

Every year, December 25 is Christmas. There are many beautiful songs about Christmas, especially some English songs, which are very gentle and beautiful, which sound intoxicating. What are the classic songs about Christmas? The editor has summed it up for you.

1. When a child is born

In silence, a child is born, and the world has a new dawn since then. He is Jesus Christ. The gentle and melodious singing tells us the dreamlike happy moment.

2. Silent night

The birth of the Lord is not publicized, everything is so peaceful, everything is so peaceful. The glory of heaven and the singing of angels reflect the holy and tender face. When it comes to Christmas Eve, how can we miss this immortal song that makes people peaceful?

3. The first noe

On the first Christmas, what kind of night will it be? When Jesus was born, a new star rose in the East. The three wise men decided to look for Christ according to the direction guided by the stars, even if it was a long way. The first Christmas Carol comes from the pursuit of mountains and rivers.

4. Hark! Herald angles sing

Different from the silence of Christmas, the angel's message makes the world boil: This is the son of peace, this is the light of justice, the birth of Christ is to save the secular people, is to give them a second life. Classic cover from super Diva Mariah Carey!

5. White Christmas White Christmas White Christmas is the golden melody with the same number as Christmas, the most popular Christmas pop song in history. '-- white snowflakes, white fields, white beard of Santa Claus; Christmas cards, Christmas greetings -- all on white Christmas Day!

6、We wish you a Merry Christmas

What should Christmas be like? -- it should be happy. So, we wish you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year! Bring some pudding and candy. If you don't give us something, we won't go. The blessing is not for free! The voice of nature from Enya!

7. Joy to the world

The world is jubilant, the Savior is down, the fertile fields, the flood waves, the mountains and the plains are all singing loudly - how can only the sound of the dolphin sound be enough to govern all directions? Do you think?

8、O Holy Night

Maria Kelly's "holy night"

This is a hymn written by a French winery owner in 1847, which later spread to the United States and was translated by a priest in Boston. The version I hear now is reinterpreted by Mariah Carey. It's a Christmas classic!

9. The English version of the fable by God rest ye merry

Don't be depressed, don't be sad, Jesus came to the world on this day. With joy and comfort, the son of God, our shepherd, was born in the manger. Praise the Lord, he will lead us out of the way... Tune is very familiar, Zhang Shaohan's "fable" is here!

10. Angels we have heart on high

A hymn sung at Christmas is called a 'Christmas Carol'. There are many Christmas carols, most of them are from famous works. This song "angels sing in the sky" is one of them!