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How does silver ornament wear time long blacken to return a responsibility? Quick cleaning tips for

silver jewelry is the favorite of many girls, but sometimes when silver jewelry is worn for a long time, it is easy to turn black. What is the matter? How to clean the silver jewelry? How to make the silver jewelry return to the previous brightness? I believe many people want to know the answer to this question. In fact, you can clean the silver ornaments at home. Let's learn.

Why the bracelet turns black:

1. Oxidation

Improper wearing or storage of silver ornaments, under strong oxidation environment, or stained with strong oxide will lead to surface oxidation of silver. If the silver bracelet is not often worn, it will not matter if it is removed. If it is placed casually, the silver ornament will combine with sulfur dioxide in the air to produce natural oxidation reaction and turn black.

2. Contaminated

When people are in some polluted environment, there are more acid gases, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide and other compounds in the air, which will also cause the silver ornaments to turn black.

3. Physical factors

As the body is constantly metabolizing, the toxin will be eliminated. If the body toxin is eliminated, silver will turn black when it meets silver. It also reflects that you may not be very well recently, so you should pay attention to your own examination.

4. Poor material of silver bracelet

There are many kinds of silver ornaments, such as Miao silver, Tai silver, Tibetan silver, snow silver, etc., of which the better one is snow silver. Secondly, the silver content of silver can be divided into 990925999. For example, 990 means that the silver content of this silver ornament is 99%. We heard the most about 925 silver, which is mainly used to make necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, etc. silver bracelets are generally 999, of course, there are 990 bracelets, but less. Bracelets with high silver content and good material will not turn black when worn. Note that they are normal and have special circumstances.

5. Endocrine structural reasons

Because each person's endocrine structure is different, some people's sweat contains more acid, some people are less, some people's ammonia content is higher, so wearing silver jewelry has different results, the acid is easy to black, the acid is not easy to black, and even some people with strong oil secretion will bring their silver jewelry bright and oily.

How to clean the black silver bracelet? Toothpaste toothbrush

First of all, let's share some daily tools we can see everywhere to clean, convenient and quick. Using toothpaste, we squeeze a little toothpaste onto our bracelet, find a soft toothbrush, brush back and forth gently, and slowly, you will find that the black part is slowly gone, and finally, it becomes white and bright after slowly cleaning with water. This is our most common method.

Cola immersion

In fact, there are some small ways. For example, when we drink daily coke, we put it in to soak. This is more suitable for those bracelets that are not easy to brush, and there are many sketched patterns. If we can't brush them, we use this method. Soak them for a while, and then clean them.

Vinegar or tea wash

We can also use vinegar or strong tea water to scrub everyday, and the effect is the same. It depends on which method is convenient to use around yourself.

Professional silver cloth

First of all, we buy professional silver paper to wipe. What is a professional silver paper? It's a special professional cloth. Then there will be silver powder on it so that it can be cleaned.

Alcohol or ammonia

We can also use alcohol or ammonia to scrub and react to black oxide.