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What are the legends about Santa Claus? Does Santa really exist

is there really Santa Claus in the world? With the approaching of Christmas, Santa Claus has made a real fire. There are Christmas trees and Christmas hats everywhere. These Christmas items are also sold very well. I believe that one of the most frequently asked questions about Christmas is whether Santa Claus really exists? Let's learn about the origin of Santa Claus.

Legend 1: tough guy image, invincible!

Santa Claus appeared in Scandinavia thousands of years ago. He is a god of Odin who specializes in wisdom, art and poetry in Nordic mythology. In winter, he rode on the Eight Legged horse to gallop around the world, punishing evil and promoting good, and distributing gifts. At the same time, dressed in red and armed with lightning, he fought against the ice and snow gods in a dark battle, and finally defeated the cold. According to pagan legend, Santa Claus is descended from the god Odin. In central and northern Germany, Nicholas is known as' Santa Claus'.

Legend 2: warm man image, love to give gifts!

He has nine reindeer with different names. His biggest worry is that there are fewer houses with chimneys. Usually parents explain to their children that the gifts they receive at Christmas are from Santa Claus. The concept of Santa Claus as a gift from a mysterious figure to children derives from Saint Nicholas. Nicholas is a kind bishop living in Asia Minor in the 4th century. The Dutch imitate him to give gifts on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6).

Legend 3: the image of local tyrants, the production of Christmas gifts!

The children want to know where Santa lives and when they will receive presents. The answer is usually that Santa lives in the north pole and his workshop produces Christmas gifts. In 1927, Markus raudio, the host of children's program called "Uncle Markus" by children, first revealed that Santa Claus lives in Korvatunturi in Lapland.

Legend 4: the image of believers, serving the society for life!

Santa Claus is called Saint & middot; Nicholas. He lived in the 4th century AD. he is a kind, generous, and very good rich man for children. The orthodox respect Nikolay as a miracle maker. Nikolay's family was very rich and his parents were Catholics. Nikolay's parents died early. He donated all his property to the poor, joined the church and served the society for life. Later, Nicholas became a priest and was promoted to the bishop. After his death, people called him a saint. He was a white bearded old man in a red robe and a red hat. Nicholas has done a lot of charities in his life. He always likes to help the poor people in secret. Gradually, Santa Claus has become a nickname for him.

Every Christmas, Santa Claus rides on the reindeer, and the saint child comes to the world holding the Christmas tree. With the changes of the world, writers and artists begin to describe Santa Claus as the familiar image with red clothes and white beard. At the same time, different countries and cultures have different explanations for Santa Claus.