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Why can people feel that someone is staring at themselves?

I believe that you must have such experience, always feel that someone is looking at yourself behind your back, and when you look back, it turns out that someone is really looking at you. For example, I experienced the fear of being dominated by the head teacher at school. So how to explain this phenomenon? Can't we still have eyes behind our heads?

Our vision system is actually very complex. We rely on our eyes to capture information, which will be transmitted to more than ten different brain regions, each of which has its own unique functions. At the back of the brain, there is an area called the visual cortex, which is the brain in the visual system. It will make the information into an image. At the same time, other parts of the brain are processing different information. Together, they let us see the colorful world.

Scientists have done such an experiment: to find several cortical blind patients with visual cortex damage, they are because the visual cortex of the brain has no way to image, resulting in nothing to see (not blindness in the real sense). But put the light bulb in front of them, and let them guess the position of the light bulb in front of them. The probability of right guess is surprisingly high. Because other parts of the brain can still respond to information captured by the eyes. MRI scans also showed that when they were exposed to the light, the amygdala, which processes emotions in the brain, was more active.

It's not a superpower, but it just proves to us once again that the human brain is powerful and mysterious. When people focus on other places and their eyes do not subconsciously capture information, the visual system will always monitor the surrounding environment.

Now, do you think someone is staring at you behind you? If you don't believe it, look back.