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Sorrow flows against the river! HD Baidu cloud disk resource sharing

"Sadness against the current into the river" is a special fire in this movie. It's a movie and TV drama adapted from Guo Jingming's writing. It's very close to real life and reminds everyone of those years of youth. The story is a little sad, but very inspiring! Many netizens can't wait to share the resources of sadness against the current into a river. Here is a benefit from Xiaobian! High definition Baidu cloud disk resource sharing.

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Password: 67z6

Yi Yao finds a simple clinic in the back alley and wants to have an abortion secretly. Yi Yao, regretful, is seen by Tang Xiaomi when he runs away. Since then, under the pressure of Tang Xiaomi and others, Yi Yao has become an "alternative" in the campus.