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What can I do with my black eyes against my pouches? I don't want to be a giant panda

A lot of people will think it's ugly when they have an eye bag, especially when they laugh with a pile of meat in their eyes. It looks old, and many people will be very distressed. What should we do? What is the most effective way to remove the pouch?

First of all, we need to carefully understand the causes of the formation of the pouch. The pouch is caused by the swelling of the lower face of the eye. The skin around the eye is particularly thin and loose, which is prone to edema. In addition, many people's lives are irregular in modern times. Staying up late, excessive smoking and drinking, or some people staring at the screen of the computer mobile phone for a long time lead to the appearance of the pouch In addition, there are also dark circles around the eyes, and small details that often rub the eyes can also lead to eye bags. Let's see how to eliminate the eye bags now!

As soon as the method changes the bad living habit, guarantees the sufficient sleep, has slept well the entire person's complexion has been good. Methods two food therapy, in addition to smoking and alcohol, we should also eat some foods rich in collagen, which can not only remove the pouch, but also make the whole face white and smooth. Method three massage eye bag, use ring finger to press back and forth under the eyes every day, optional before going to bed every day, in addition to the surrounding acupoints can also massage more to promote blood circulation. Before massage, the eye mask can be applied to improve the condition of the eye bag and remove the dark circles. Method 4 make up, make-up is a particularly interesting technology, it can make people's nose become higher and eyes become larger, of course, it can also make eye bags invisible. But this is only temporary.

In order to solve the problem of pouch quickly, we can carry out the operation of removing pouch. However, we are reminded that there are many blood vessels around the eyes, so we must consider the safety of moving the knife and choose a regular hospital. In addition, no matter whether you have pouch or not, you should be very confident and believe that you will always be the most beautiful.