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How to open wechat micro credit? Wechat micro credit opening process steps

Nowadays, various micro loan platforms are emerging in an endless stream. It's convenient for those who need money for the time being. Have you heard about micro credit? It's a relatively formal lending platform.

Micro credit is an Internet micro credit product released by Tencent's Micro bank in May this year. The loan limit is less than 200000 yuan, and the loan interest rate is lower than the general credit card interest rate. 'micro credit' is to select the first batch of customers most suitable for 'micro credit' through the 'white list' mechanism. It has been online in QQ wallet before. This update is the first time that micro credit has landed on wechat platform.

Where is wechat micro credit

Wechat wallet bank card micro loan.

How to open wechat micro credit

Now there are several ways to quickly open QQ micro credit on the Internet, such as calling micro credit customer service, asking users with existing micro credit qualifications to send invitations, and then comparing them with forced opening with money, etc. according to trend network, these forced opening ways of QQ micro credit are all false. The qualification of QQ micro credit loan is issued by the system, and there is no need to submit a number of technical forced opening loans Personal data cannot be opened by force.

How to borrow wechat micro loan

1、 Need to bind the bank card;

2. Click 'borrow money';

3. Wait for system audit feedback;

The system will judge the personal credit situation within a few seconds and give a certain amount of credit. Users can complete the loan online without any collateral and fill in the information according to the corresponding prompts. Of course, if you have a default record in the personal credit report of the central bank, the system will also identify and tell you that you can't borrow money.