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Want to travel to Thailand in 2019? Do you know all these pits?

Spring Festival is coming soon. Many friends don't want to go around in China and worry about the high cost of foreign tourism. Then it's a good choice to go to Thailand. The cost of traveling to Thailand is not much different from that of traveling in China. Moreover, the scenery is diverse and the culture is rich. No matter the couple's honeymoon or family trip, all kinds of needs can be met. The most important thing is that Thai Chinese service has a high popularity, so you don't need to worry about the language. However, we all know that there will be some illegal hawker pit tourists in famous scenic spots, and there will be some in Thailand. What kind of pits should we avoid when we go to Thailand?

First shopping pit

If you want to go to Thailand and don't want to be trapped, you'd better not follow the group. It's very convenient to walk freely. They will take you to various shopping places every time. This place is specially designed for Chinese people. The car guide will tell you about all kinds of gemstones and leather bags produced in Thailand. Some of them are introduced in Chinese, so we can imagine.

Second pit

In Thailand's famous scenic spots, such as the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple, there are often many Dudu drivers or taxi drivers who lie to you and say that today when the scenic spot is closed for one day, you can go to another scenic spot in his area. Besides, the building is also a very famous historic site, and then you are taken by him. He will take you around or take you to a temple to buy jade. So we must do a good job of travel strategy in advance, check the price and route. Or ask the hotel staff to write Thai for you.

The third scenic spot pit

Some netizens said that many pigeons will be seen in the square outside the great imperial palace in Bangkok, and then the peddler next to them will hand over three small packages of pigeon feed in good faith. When the pigeons are fed, it will be '600 baht for opening' (1 baht = 0.2 yuan); There are also scams in the scenic spots on the beach. After you rent a water motorcycle, he will tell you that the paint has fallen off, and then he will ask you to pay for it, so you must see clearly and keep evidence.

Fourth massage pit

I would like to experience the 'Thai SPA' when I come to Thailand. In busy places, there are often some 'managers' who call themselves massage shops who come to see customers in person and promise you discounts. Then I will teach you to pay first, and as soon as you finish paying, I will lose you immediately. So try to choose a larger massage shop and go to the counter in person to pay.

Point 5 performance pit

Thailand's nightlife is rich, whether it's a tour group or a free walk will go to the show, but there are also a lot of scams. Some girls will ask you for money if they rub against you. Those who want to watch the show can go to the regular, larger Pattaya to watch it. The content and place are very rich. Don't go to a roadside bar.

When you go out, you will inevitably encounter all kinds of scams. You must polish your eyes and keep your vigilance. Pay attention to the safety of your money and keep a distance from strangers.