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How long does it take for floating population certification? What materials need to be prepared for

there are too many people who leave home to start their own businesses, whether they are migrant workers or self-employed. In a word, it's better to go to a place and apply for the floating population certificate. Some places are mandatory requirements, such as Xinjiang, so how long does the floating population certificate take? What materials should be prepared to handle the floating population certificate?

Now the temporary residence permit has been cancelled and changed to residence permit. The normal time is usually 7 working days.

Handling materials:

1. The applicant shall provide ID card or household registration certificate and personal image information (if not, photos can be taken at the scene of the police station)

2. Adult women of childbearing age must provide marriage and childbearing certificate of floating population

3. If a labor contract has been signed with the employer, a labor contract shall be provided

4. If you rent a house, you need to provide a house certificate

5. When a guardian or other relative or unit of a floating population applies for a residence registration or a residence permit for the floating population, it shall provide proof materials for the guardian, other relative or unit. If it is entrusted by a floating population to apply for a residence permit on its behalf, it shall provide proof materials for the entrustment.


1. The applicant shall register at the local public security police station with his resident identity card (household register and other valid identity certificates) and recent bareheaded photos that meet the requirements.

2. According to the information provided by the sponsor, the police or assistant service personnel of the police station shall fill in the registration form of temporary resident population and input it into the computer.

3. The Municipal Public Security Bureau will transfer the uploaded information data to the designated certificate manufacturer to complete the production of residence permit.

4. The residence permit shall be issued to the applicant within seven working days from the date of acceptance.

Time limit and cost:

1. Time limit: 7 working days

2. Fee: Free