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How can frozen dumplings not break? Here is the technique of keeping dumpling skin intact

Food is the most important thing for the people. Chinese people always like to eat dumplings, especially during the Spring Festival. If they don't have time to make dumplings, will they buy frozen dumplings? How can frozen dumplings not be broken? What's the skill of making dumplings?

How can frozen dumplings not break the skin

In our daily life, the dumplings we make are made in hot water, but the frozen dumplings are not the same, because the temperature is too low, if they are cooked in the same way as the fresh dumplings, they will break. We can choose to lower the pot in cold water to keep the temperature of the water consistent with that of the dumplings, so that the overall heating will be more uniform, so that there will be no skin breaking phenomenon.

After the water is boiled, we can add some cold water and salt, stir it, and then add a little cold water after the boiling, which can not only maintain the taste toughness of dumplings, but also prevent the skin from breaking. When all the dumpling skins are bulging and floating on the water, it is proved that the dumplings are ready for eating!

How to judge the cooked quick-frozen dumplings:

First, the most common way in our life is to see if the dumplings float after cooking. The specific operation method is to extend the round surface of the spoon to the bottom of the pot and scratch after the dumpling is put into the pot, so as to prevent the dumpling from sticking to the pot. Then close the lid and wait for someone to boil. When the water boils, all the dumplings will float to the water surface. You can make sure that the dumplings are cooked. If you want to continue to cook, the dumpling skin will boil. Then all the stuffing will flow into the soup. Therefore, it is suggested that you take out the dumplings in time after they float up.

Second, if the dumpling is filled with beef, it is suggested that you cover it and boil it after boiling the underwater pot, then add water to boil it, repeat three times, so that the dumpling floats on the surface, and you can judge that the dumpling is ripe.

Third, put the dumplings under the water directly after boiling, cover the lid and cook until the water boils, then turn the heat to continue cooking for 5 minutes, that's good.

Generally, quick frozen dumplings are boiled for a few minutes:

Quick frozen dumplings are usually boiled in a big fire for two or three minutes, then add some cold water, repeat three times, so that the dumpling skin is translucent, and the taste is also relatively tough.