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It's said that the lyrics at the foot of Fuji Mountain are ghost stories? The story behind it is so

At the foot of Fuji mountain is a song by Eason Chan. The lyrics are written by Lin Xi, a famous lyricist. The Mandarin version at the foot of Fuji mountain is a very familiar love transfer. However, there are many rumors on the Internet, saying that the lyrics under Fuji Mountain are very horrible, and the lyrics are a ghost story. But is it really the case? Is there a lot of real friends to listen to it?

An analysis of the horror of the lyrics under Mount Fuji

Some netizens said that the foot of Mount Fuji is a very horrible story. The hero's girlfriend died for many years, but he kept the ashes by his side. Even after many years of painful struggle, he decided to give up his life and stop nostalgia for the world. Instead, he turned into a breeze and went to another world to accompany his girlfriend.

The lyrics under Mount Fuji are horrible

But the song at the foot of Mount Fuji doesn't mean that at all. It's just the imagination of some netizens. Fujiyama is neither a horror nor a ghost story. If it is true, as netizens say, Fujiyama's song has long been banned. But now you can search the song on the Internet and still listen to it. The lyrics of this song are still very poetic, and the melody is also very pleasant. People who like to listen to the song of love transfer can actually search for this song at the foot of Fuji mountain.

The lyrics at the foot of Mount Fuji are scary

The lyrics of the song at the foot of Mount Fuji are actually persuading those who have lost their partners. Whether you break up or the one you love most leaves you, you should learn to let go of this relationship and start a new life. The song at the foot of Fuji mountain is to persuade the boyfriend to let go of their feelings in the voice of his dead girlfriend. Maybe it's also because of this. It's said to be a ghost story.