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After the heavy snow, women can eat this breakfast more often, which can replenish blood, warm up th

It's suitable to eat more glutinous rice food in winter. The temperature is low in winter. Glutinous rice food is a very effective warm and strong food. It's mild in nature, suitable for both the old and the young. Today's cake and stuffing are very special. Using warm glutinous rice flour with black sugar to replenish blood has the effect of warming the body, activating blood circulation and accelerating blood circulation. The effect of replenishing blood is very good. Women eat more and let menstruation drain It's more comfortable. The taste is especially soft, waxy and smooth. With the addition of milk powder and sesame, the filling is sweet and delicious. The elderly and children like it very much. In winter, they may as well make it for their families.

Black sugar contains unique natural acids and pigment regulators, which can effectively regulate various pigment metabolism processes, desalinate melanin, whiten and purify skin. This breakfast, women should eat more in winter.

[black sugar glutinous rice pie]

Main ingredients flour 340 g water 155 g yeast 3 G

Auxiliary oil: right amount of glutinous rice flour 240g black sugar 200g water 300g vegetable oil 50g cooked sesame 80g milk powder 30g


All the ingredients are ready, and the black sugar and glutinous rice stuffing are fried in advance.

How to make black sugar and glutinous rice stuffing: mix the black sugar, water and oil in the auxiliary materials into a non stick frying pan, heat it to boiling over high heat, then pour in the glutinous rice powder and milk powder in the auxiliary materials, stir it evenly over low heat, turn off the heat, pour in the cooked sesame seeds and mix well, and cool it for standby. The stuffing can be made more at a time, put it in the refrigerator, and make a bun. Pancakes all work.

The ingredients in the main ingredients are put into the basin, mixed with chopsticks into floccules, then kneaded into smooth dough, and fermented to twice the size. In this season, the temperature in Hunan is low, about 0 ℃, so it's not easy to ferment. You can knead the dough at night, put it on the table, cover it with plastic film, and ferment it just the next morning, ferment it at low temperature for a long time, so the pasta is softer and more delicious. It's not too late for work in the morning. You can try it.

Take out the fermented dough and knead the bubbles inside.

Divide the dough into four parts of the same size.

After the dough is rounded one by one, use a rolling pin to roll it into the middle thick, thin dough around. Put a lump of brown sugar and glutinous rice stuffing in the middle of the cake to make a bun.

Press the mouth down slightly with your hand.

Then roll it with a rolling pin to make a 1 cm thick round cake.

Brush the oil after heating the electric pancake pan, put the rolled round pancake in the pancake pan, leave a little space between each two, brush a thin layer of water on the pancake surface, and sprinkle the white sesame.

Close the lid, fry the cake until the surface turns slightly yellow.

This sweet and soft glutinous cake, although it's made of dough, is very time-saving. Pay attention to a few points, you can also make delicious black sugar cake!


1. As the saying goes, 'soft cake, hard dumpling', when making cakes, the noodles should be a little softer.

2. The ingredients in the stuffing can be changed into other nuts according to your own preference, but the amount of glutinous rice flour should not be reduced, and the soft stuffing tastes better.

3. Do not fry the cake for too long. The surface will be slightly soft and expanded to make it out of the pot.