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Is the wrinkle on the face annoying? A move before bed keeps your skin firm at 40

With the increase of age, there will inevitably be long wrinkles. However, if a woman can protect her skin well, there will be no such wrinkles on her face. These actions are very simple. If you do them before going to bed, even if you are 50 years old, you can also make your skin very tight.

Law grain. When there are eight lines on both sides of the nose, it means that the law lines come. At this time, we should pay attention to the maintenance. The law lines can be relieved by massage every day. The method is simple: close your mouth, puff up your cheeks, and push your cheeks with your tongue in your mouth. Do it three times a day in the morning, middle and evening, and the effect will be obvious.

Crow's feet. This is the first place where wrinkles appear. When a woman is thirty years old, she should pay attention to it. Do not blink when massaging, tighten the lower pouch for about 20 seconds, then blink 10 times, then rotate the eyeball for 14 circles, and finally massage the places where the eyes are prone to wrinkles. After these actions, rub your hands and close your eyes for a short time.

Raised lines. People who often frown and think about problems are prone to prematurely appear wrinkles. As long as they massage the yangbai acupoint on their forehead, they can relieve them. It will take about one or two minutes to press and feel the pain each time.

Brow tattoo. When the word Chuan appears between the two eyebrows, it means wrinkles appear. When massaging, first overlap the two hands, draw a circle in the middle of the eyebrow, then knead the muscles in the middle of the eyebrow vertically with the index finger and thumb, then knead it crosswise for a while, finally place the hand in the nose depression, push hard to the forehead, directly to the forehead, and you can see the effect in a few weeks.

Lacrimal groove. When it appears, people look very haggard. First, massage the eyes. Start from the top of the nose wing with the index finger, press it directly to the temple, and do it ten times a day. When massaging, use the method of spiral circle. At the same time, use a towel to warm up before going to bed every day.