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Buwei C oral ulcer? No use! How long have you been fooled by common sense?

Eat, drink and drink every day. If you are not careful, you will have a little headache. At this time, some common sense will guide you to self-treatment, but are these ideas really right?

Buwei C oral ulcer?

Oral ulcer takes vitamin C to be good, this is nonsense actually.

From the perspective of modern medicine, the cause of oral ulcer is not clear. At present, it is only known that it is related to heredity, too much pressure, life setbacks, environmental changes, etc.

In addition, there is a kind of traumatic oral ulcer. For example, eating a bite, eating sugarcane and other fiber hard food, eating too hot food can lead to oral ulcer.

At present, there is no definite evidence that vitamin C supplementation can treat and prevent oral ulcer.

Moreover, blind vitamin C supplementation may make your oral ulcer worse! For example, the legendary method of sticking vitamin C on the ulcer is a big mistake. Because vitamin C is acidic, it will stimulate the ulcer surface, make your ulcer more red and swollen, and add pain to the pain.

In fact, like a cold, oral ulcer is a self limiting disease. 80% of oral ulcer will start to heal after 5 days, and you can cry well within 7-14 days.

Fracture drink big bone soup?

Shi Mei once fell down and broke her bone when skiing, so everyone came to tell me to drink more bone soup. She only smiled and didn't talk because she knew it was bullshit.

First of all, there is no basis for the idea that 'more calcium is needed to heal quickly after fracture'. As long as the normal supply of nutrition will not affect the healing, and blind excessive calcium supplementation will play a negative role.

The amount of calcium absorbed by human body is limited. The calcium that cannot be absorbed will be discharged through urine. After the fracture, a large amount of bone calcium was released into the blood. At this time, a large amount of calcium supplementation will make the blood calcium concentration too high, increase the burden on the kidney, or even form urinary calculus.

In addition, a large amount of calcium can cause stomach acid reduction, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., but lead to malnutrition, delay healing.

There's only one situation where you need calcium after a fracture - you're suffering from a calcium deficiency fracture. For example, osteoporosis.

In addition, even if you want calcium, big bone soup is not a good choice!

The results showed that the calcium content of Dagu decoction was only one percent of that of milk. If you really want calcium, you'd better drink milk, bean products and vegetables.

Drink to warm up?

The truth is, it's easier to catch cold and freeze to death after drinking.

First of all, after drinking, people feel the heat. It's not that the wine itself has a lot of heat. The main components of the wine are alcohol and water. The heat of alcohol is very limited, let alone water.

Secondly, drinking makes people feel hot. In fact, it's because of the 'vasodilation' effect of ethanol, which makes the heat be 'arched' to the 'body surface' by alcohol. The body feels warm while the body is getting cold. 'moving flowers and trees' and the total amount of heat energy remains the same. It's just a deception of body feeling.

But because the core body temperature is lost, the dilated capillaries can't contract in time to prevent the heat from losing. Even if you keep drinking, the body temperature is still falling, and the cold feeling of the body is aggravating, which can even make people shiver and get goose bumps all over.

In high latitude areas and countries, people often freeze to death after drinking alcohol. After drinking alcohol, especially after drinking too much, they are easy to catch a cold or the cold gets worse.

'on fire', vegetarian?

"Getting angry" is a very general term. Basically, we call all the discomfort that hasn't risen to "illness" as getting angry.

Every time you get angry, people around you will make you eat light food. However, this light food is often understood as vegetarian.

In fact, it's wrong. Some of the symptoms of 'burning' are caused by the lack of nutrients. At this time, if you take a vegetarian diet, your body will further lack of protein, fat soluble vitamins, iron, etc.

The true and correct way to eat light food is: less salt, less sugar, less oil, less spicy, and abstaining from alcohol.

That is to say, meat, egg and milk are to be eaten, but they should be eaten in a light way. Chongqing hot pot is not to be used.

Do you like to eat dessert during menstruation?

It's said that the basic metabolic rate of women's menstruation has been greatly increased, and they will not be fat if they eat anything. But sadly, it's a rumor & hellip; & hellip;

If you eat a lot of sweets during menstruation, you will be as fat as you are.

Others say that eating sweets during menstruation can calm the mood and relieve dysmenorrhea.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for this. If it is useful, it can only be a temporary psychological effect. In fact, sweets can also make people more anxious later.

Well, but menstruation is bad enough. If you want something sweet, just eat it. As long as you don't overeat, it will hurt your health.

Cough, pear?

When the throat is hard, it's more comfortable to eat some pears. It's better to drink some pear soup. The reason is that the water content of pear and pear soup is very high, which is helpful for the throat discomfort caused by drying.

So, when you just feel your throat dry, itchy, and cough or two when you talk a lot, but not a lot of phlegm, you can choose to eat some pears. Or other high moisture foods.

But if it's cough and even bronchitis, it's useless to eat pears. Go to the doctor immediately.