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Which company is the tiktok? What is the tiktok fire?

The promotion of shaking is undoubtedly very successful. Such a short video APP allows everyone to participate in the creation and tiktok of life. In this social software, you can also find more people who share their own interests. Tiktok is tiktok tiktok, but you often know how to use the jitter.

1. tiktok app's R & D company probably won't believe most of them, because it is the app developed by today's headlines.

The 2. tiktok developer is Beijing micro vision technology Co., Ltd., the founder of the company is Ru Bo, head of tiktok today.

3. tiktok was launched on September last year, and got the headline millions of angel investment at the beginning of this year. On the tiktok, users can choose songs and match them with short videos to form their own works. In terms of function, it is very similar to the previous tiktok show. The difference is that the jitter is enriched in the technical level, and users can shoot the video speed, video editing, special effects (repeated, flash, slow motion) through video.

What is the tiktok?

1. tiktok is a precise subdivision of music and video. It is a music short video community product made for Young China. The age of users group tends to a close range, which improves the possibility of resonance between the production content and the audience, and allows users to have sticky content to their products. Tiktok cannot do without fire, and it is inseparable from its precise user positioning and the allocation of high degree of attention.

2. tiktok, a content driven community: tiktok content mode is basically UGC, encouraging users to create high-quality content, mining and sharing content, and distributing accurate content, relying on strong operational capabilities. The shaking of the voice creates numerous themes into multi theme content aggregation, enabling users to have a diverse viewing experience in a single focus short video application, greatly. Improve user experience and stickiness.

3. star, KOL effect: shaking the voice to import KOL tiktok and the star resources of the headlines, creating high-quality content from stars and KOL, creating IP entertainment related to products, in order to make users more sticky, thereby enhancing the vitality of products.

4. the platform is all young users. The music is mainly composed of electric music and dance. Video is divided into two schools: dance and creative school, and the common characteristics are tiktok. There are also a few users who show lyrical music to show the skills of coffee pulling, which becomes a tiktok of the voice coil.