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Tiktok, how did it come to rain? Detailed steps to tiktok video rain controlTiktok tiktok tiktok tik

2018, the trembling sound is really a fire. Many netizens love to play the jitter. They also want to shoot their own video. Let's take a look at the detailed steps of the video recording of tiktok.

After entering the , click tiktok button at the bottom.

Click + to enter the shooting interface, and click the props on the left side of the shooting button.

After entering the props, click the rain control props in the popular.

Choose to click the rain control props, the screen will appear the rain screen, click the cell phone blank.

Click the blank space to return to the shooting interface, click the shooting button to shoot, and then extend your hand to do the action, the raindrop will follow the action of your hand to achieve the effect of rain control.

After taking the video, click the next button at the bottom right.

After entering the next step, click the release button at the bottom to send it out.