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How many of these ten songs have you heard? Let's test whether you are loyal or not

The creation of every classic game is inseparable from the matching background music. A good soundtrack is undoubtedly an important factor in the success of a game, and these music also enter our world with the game, with us through youth. With the development of the game, the demand for music is growing. Today, Xiaobian recommends 10 of the most popular and classic BGM games, which are well made and very pleasant to listen to.

Track 01: Legends never die - lead of legends; against

All die hard fans of E-sports should know this song. The official customized theme song of fist in the lols7 finals all said that fist was a music company delayed by the game. It's true. This song is well produced. It was sung by the popular rock band against the current. It's very angry and burning. It's very shocking.

Track 02: welcome to planet URF - League of Legends

This is an electronic music with strong beat and rhythm. The powerful electronic gas field will detonate the hormones in your body in an instant! Call on your brothers to enter the battle field of the fire line! Gather at a point, open the fire!

Track 03: the dawn

Whether it's pure music or BGM, the prelude of the dead is a good work, including piano, electric guitar and other versions. The prelude to the dead, originally called the day, is a song by dreamdale, a Finnish band. This song is popular because a gamer uses it as BGM of game CG. "The dawn" reveals a thriving civilization through the piano solo at the beginning. It can slowly change the tune style and push the whole tune to the climax. Dark style metal music can calm you and make you full of passion.

Track 04: num - link in park MV

This song is also a theme song designated by fist officials. I believe that many people are not unfamiliar with this song. "Num" is a song sung by American rock band Linkin Park. When the climax part of "I \ 've become some num, I can \' t feel you there" sounds, I think of that moment, I am full of blood and passion for the battle.

Track 05: shotgun senorita - blue Stahli

This tune is not used in ranking videos such as TOP10 and top5. Such a strong music makes the whole person burn up. The feeling of blood boiling is that the imagination picture is excited in cooperation with various divine level operations.

Track 06: Worlds Collide - lead of Legends

This song is sung by Nicki Taylor, the official co singer of riot company. She also sang here comes VI. Nicki Taylor, as a relatively small singer, although her fame and works can't compare with other stars, her performance of this song is very exciting and has her own style.

Track 07: FC the jungle

It has to be admitted that many bgms in FC era are classic, such as BGM in "the battle of souls", which is the first stage of BGM. In retrospect, when two heroes jumped out of the upper left corner of the screen, BGM started. Only with such BGM can players enjoy the fun of the game at the same time, pay high attention and fully experience the pleasure of the game.

Track 08: FC super Mary ground clearance BGM

Another BGM in FC era, the atmosphere is very relaxed and young. The endless bricks, the endless mushroom heads, the memories are always so beautiful. This rhythmic music is imprinted in the hearts of most players. Whenever and wherever you hear this music, you can remember that era, even if you play CF, it is very easy.

Track 09: Song of moonlight - Liang Bangyan

The style of this song may not be the same as other styles. It's aion's theme song. The score and the picture fit very well. They are all beautiful and gorgeous styles, and are very impressive. There are several scenes of the soundtrack are very good, let people linger. This one is the one that impresses me the most. The singing of female voice simply fascinates you and can calm you instantly.

Track 10: War ridden - Tyler Bates

This one is to cross the line of fire -- BGM, the king of gunfight. It's basically used for hand games across the line of fire. You can hear this BGM when you log in the game hall. It's very familiar. It's pleasant to hear and has connotation. You can understand it.