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Why is dog 13 banned? What's the score of Douban

at present, the movie dog 13 has a score of 8.5 on Douban, which has been produced since 2013. However, it has not been released nationwide until this year. At present, the movie is scheduled to be released on December 7, and the score on Douban may fluctuate after it is released. However, it is undeniable that this is a movie with high audience evaluation. Follow Xiaobian to get to know it.

Dog 13 tells the story of a little girl from childhood to adulthood, but the mood of the film is very depressed. Li Wan, a 13-year-old girl, lives with her grandparents because her parents are divorced. In her adolescence, she is eager to understand, accompany and love. In the "obedient" Chinese education, Li Wan also completed her "adult gift". In the movie, the father hopes to complete the reconciliation and communication with his daughter through a pet dog. Li plays named the dog "Einstein". The surging youth lost unexpectedly due to "Einstein", which opened its surging and helpless growth path.

It is reported that dog 13 was released five years ago. Many netizens think that the reason is that the plot is too real and oppressive. The film tells about a young girl's cruel youth, and the audience can find their own shadow more or less. A few days ago, the film exposed the poster of "carving" version. In the poster, the father carved his daughter into the same color and texture as the adults, making love a kind of deprivation and injury. The film dog 13, which will be released on December 7, launched a small fan group screening activity last week, allowing some viewers to have a look at the real face of the sealed Five-Year 'masterpiece' in advance, and reap high praise. As the movie critic taotaotao said: 'this movie actually indicates a future. We don't watch movies, we watch ourselves. '

Does dog thirteen look good

Judging from the score and word-of-mouth of the movie dog 13, it is a rare good movie, and it was released five years after the dust cover, which makes many viewers full of expectations. This well-known work, which has been sealed for five years, directly points to the most painful point of Chinese family education through "Youth", and makes the domestic youth film return to the origin of "real". Now, the director still insists on not deleting or changing his name.

Although dog 13 tells the story of a girl growing up on the surface, it can only reflect a lot of current social problems. The film takes the story of adolescent girls as the starting point, but what it really discusses is the impact of many stubborn diseases hidden in various social relations, from family to school, on the growth of children. This meaning also makes the film stand the test of time, and it will last forever. From the parents' generation to 00, all the people who participated in the movie show deep emotional touch, which also makes this masterpiece transcend age and time. Audiences have said: 'despite the five-year screen release, it still touches people's hearts and mirrors the world, which is undoubtedly a masterpiece of realism theme reflecting on self-examination'; 'better late than ever, finally waiting for you. '

Dog 13 is such a fake youth movie. What's so powerful about it is that it avoids the two stereotypes that youth movies are most likely to fall into. Neither has the adolescence moulded to perplex the heavy middle twenty feet, nor has the youth and the adult made the clear opposition, molds the adult single line to cause the childlike innocence to lose the big villain. For youth, it neither ridicules nor recalls. It's about telling us as truthfully as possible what it's like to grow. From dog 13, we can see that the director's intention is to grow up, which is a theme we can't avoid. When we were young, we were self-centered and hoped to get the understanding and support of our parents and elders. But we show a variety of behavior is considered by adults to be ignorant and naive. Because we can't get emotional response from our parents, we feel lonely and confused. What's more, our parents' incomprehension is alienated into violence, which breaks our tiny self-esteem and forces us to grow into 'sensible' children.