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Who has the most fans on the tiktok? Delireba ranks first in terms of both beauty and strengthTiktok

? Who is the most adorable fan? Angela Baby is more popular than ever, but her fans on the jitter are only fifth. So who is the number one? Delireba ranks first with its super high beauty and strength.

Who is the tiktok fan?

First place: delireba

The most popular voice of tiktok's little sister is his voice. She beat the man and the woman to win the super popularity because of her role as Gao Wen, a seemingly cool but funny female star in the film "Clara lovers".

After that, she performed in the TV series "beautiful Li Huizhen" and so on. Later, she joined the running man because she was cheerful and considerate and won a large number of fans.

What is the character of an actor? In fact, sometimes you can see from the reality show that Miss Reba in the running man is really considerate and lovely, which can be called a pure stream in the entertainment circle. Therefore, this fan is worthy of his name.

Second place: Chen he

Chen he in "love apartment" as the humble Zeng Xiaoxian left a deep impression in everyone's heart, and his acting skills have also been recognized by many audiences.

Although not very handsome, but humorous image has been loved by many people.

In running men, they are still keeping the image of cheap and tiktok, counting the funny performance of the male and female group, and now ranked about thirty-four million in the second.

Third place: LIGO

Different from the first and second star status, the third is an ordinary person, nicknamed "three generations of singing God" by the friends.

Tiktok offbeat friend is possessed by ghosts of another brother, o3o'.

Brother tiktok won the victory by singing her face and singing in the shaking. She had to say that the young lady sang well enough, so that we had to sigh: "the master is in the folk."

Fourth place: Talking Liu Erdu

It's not people, it's a pair of cute cats. Tiktok and Liu Erdou can be regarded as a clearing of the adorable world.

Their videos let me believe that the original pets can speak. Don't talk nonsense. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, they are not allowed to be refined. They can speak because their owners have carefully matched the voice of two kittens.

And the image of the two kittens set in the video is: Liu Erdu is a bear child, melon seed is a good girl, each of their videos can make us laugh anytime and anywhere, and praise the owner's heart.

Fifth place: Yang Ying

Yang Ying, as a female star with high face value and funny face, has a large number of fans, especially after taking part in the running, she has gained a lot of attention. She is not only good-looking, but also popular.

But adorable fans on her voice were slightly lost to two tiktok fans, who could only be ranked fifth.

Others tiktok can see the following list of fans, and are there any love you like?