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Who is the tiktok? Find out why Wang Xiaoyu is so hot

Tiktok Wang Xiaoyu is the who tiktok video users do not explain, maybe she herself is because of the time when such a random shooting, and then on the flare of the fire. Of course, from the scrolling subtitles, we can know exactly what's going on.

Supers: 'where are you, Wang Xiaoyu? I haven't seen you for three years. I have money. I want to marry you. '

In such a simple sentence, we can see that this man broke up with his lover three years ago. Maybe he broke up because of the economic pressure in his life, or he was in a low self-esteem, unable to give each other a future, or he was disappointed in himself. Now the man may have grown up and made some money, and then he wants to find his lover again.

Of course, this man is a UU runner in terms of clothes, but the backpack behind is really eye-catching.

Netizens also wrote their own thoughts on this:

'why bother, is the game not fun or the meal not delicious?'


'I'm sorry. Forget me. I'm married. I'd like to be happy for the rest of my life.'

'later we had everything, but we didn't.'

'the last video says her children are four years old'

'I know a Mo Xiaoyu'

'if you leave because you are poor, you can find a better one when you are rich'