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How to regulate the body cold of women in winter? These conditioning methods are practical and warm

How to recuperate the body cold in winter is the most effective? It is a common phenomenon that women have cold constitution, cold hands and feet, and dysmenorrhea. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is the response of deficiency of Qi, stagnation of Qi and deficiency of Yang Qi. Winter for the body cold girl, it is a huge torture, body cold little partner hurry up to action! Don't let body cold delay your health. Do you know what is the most effective way to regulate body cold in winter?

1. Take a bath to dispel cold

Treatment of winter disease and summer disease in TCM theory. The diseases that are easy to attack in winter, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, are mostly due to the deficiency of Yang and the excessive cold of Yin in the body. Three dog days is the hottest, the highest temperature and the most Yang Qi stage in the whole year. In this stage, the human body is loose, the meridians and blood circulation are conducive to the penetration and absorption of drugs, and the best time to dispel the internal cold evil. In addition, moxibustion can prevent and treat diseases by carefully selecting the bladder meridian and Du meridian acupoints which have the functions of warming the meridians and dispersing cold, resolving phlegm and relieving asthma.

2. Ginger sugar water to warm up

Eating carrots in winter and ginger in summer is one of the good ways to improve the warmth from the inside of the body. Ginger is a kind of warm food, which can bring warmth to human body. It is also very simple to use at ordinary times. For example, you can use ginger and black tea to make a cup of ginger and black tea, or you can add honey to make ginger and honey water, or you can even add it to snacks. It is not only delicious but also easy to ingest, which has a good effect on improving the body's cold. Also can often drink some brown sugar ginger water, brown sugar ginger water is absolutely a good thing to drive away cold and replenish blood.

3. Keep warm

A lot of women like 'to be gentle and not warm'. Although it's just autumn and the weather is relatively fresh, many girls still wear too thin sooner or later. If you wear too little clothes, no matter what measures you take, your body can't resist the invasion of cold and humidity. Therefore, wearing enough clothes is the first step to keep your body warm, especially in the air-conditioned room!

4. Eat less cold

Most women's physique is cold, and they should drink less ice water, cold drinks, ice cream and other drinks. For cold food such as crab, bitter melon, watermelon and banana, they should eat them in moderation and not be greedy because of their preference.

5. more sports

People with cold constitution need to strengthen their own physique by strengthening sports and exercises. Through sports, they can exercise the whole body muscles and bones, accelerate the blood circulation of the body, make your body sweat and detoxify, enhance the whole body vitality, and improve the symptoms of cold and damp.

6. moxibustion to dispelling cold

AI is a pure Yang plant. Moxibustion is a feasible way to improve physical fitness. As long as we adhere to moxibustion, we can easily feel the effect of moxibustion. It can be used to moxibustion Fenglong, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Shenque and other acupoints, which has a good effect of cold dispelling.

7. It is better not to overeat

Because too much food requires long-term and high-load work on the stomach and intestines, and the blood will also be concentrated on the stomach and intestines, which will lead to cold hands and feet, so it's good to eat seven points full.

8. Push and knead the abdomen

The body's cold is centered on the abdomen. As long as we try to keep the abdomen warm, there will be no hiding place for the cold.

In ancient times, it was called "jade belt around waist". Dai Mai is a special meridians, belonging to the eight channels of Qi Jing. There are a lot of women who are not fat in other places, but they have a lot of fat on their waist, which looks like a swimming circle on their waist. In fact, this is due to the lack of Qi with pulse, which can not bind other meridians. We should push and rub this meridian until it is hot enough to help clear the twelve meridians and eliminate the cold poison in the meridians.

9. Regulate the spleen and stomach

First of all, we start from regulating the spleen and stomach. Only by nourishing the spleen and stomach can we transform the food we eat into the physical fitness we need. For people with cold body, we can choose some warm food, such as yam, Chinese wolfberry, pumpkin and so on.

10. Eat more blood tonic food

The symptoms of body cold are mostly caused by insufficient blood supply. Therefore, we should eat more blood tonic food, such as donkey hide gelatin and jujube processing put together to eat the right amount every day. It has a very good blood tonic effect. When it comes to replenishing blood, if you drink a cup of ginger tea every day, it will not only replenish blood, but also warm up your body and regulate your body cold.

11. Appropriate salt intake

In traditional Chinese medicine, salt has the saying of warm body. Therefore, proper intake of salt has the effect of adjusting blood circulation. Of course, salt should not be taken too much, otherwise, it will have an impact on health.

12. Smart use of thermal products

In winter, many women like to 'be gentle but not warm'. If they wear too few clothes, no matter what measures they take, their bodies can't resist the cold. Therefore, wearing enough clothes is the first step to keep their bodies warm. In addition, you can also use some thermal products, such as a warm baby sticking to the abdomen to keep warm, a hot water bag to warm hands, and an electric blanket to warm the bed before going to bed at night. Of course, when using, you should also pay attention to the safe use of electrical appliances and heating products to avoid accidents.