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This kind of water can be poured into the flowerpot after winter to prevent the soil from hardening

In winter, when it is found that the soil is hardened, it can't be changed basin for soil, because in winter, the growth ability of plant root system is poor, if the basin is changed and the soil is changed, it is easy to cause the whole plant to rot and die. But the soil hardening in the basin is extremely harmful to the growth of plants. When this happens, water can be used to solve the problem of soil hardening. Here's a very simple way to share with you, so that the soil becomes soft and there is no need to change the basin.

Fermenting and washing rice and watering flowers to solve the problem of soil hardening

In winter, when the soil is hardened, you can put the rice washing water at home into a plastic bottle for full fermentation. Here, we remind you that the rice washing water must be fully fermented! Fully fermented! Fully fermented! Say the important thing three times! If the rice washing water is not fermented, it will not only solve the problem of soil hardening, but also make the soil harden more seriously.

Generally, put the rice water into a plastic bottle, add some chopped orange peel to the bottle, and then put it on the balcony at home to fully ferment. When a large number of bubbles and froth appear in the rice water in about 2 weeks, it means that the fermentation is sufficient. Then add clear water to the rice water, dilute it according to the ratio of 1:2, and then pour it into the hardened soil, once a week, three times in a row In the future, the problem of soil hardening will be alleviated.

Warm tip: in the process of daily flower cultivation, we must pay attention to watering and fertilization, because improper watering and fertilization will easily lead to soil hardening, first of all, watering. Generally, watering must be dry and wet, to avoid water accumulation in the basin, and at the same time, it is also necessary to avoid watering half cut water. Then, when fertilizing, we must add some fermented organic fertilizer to the basin, so that the organic fertilizer will be naturally fermented and decomposed in the later stage, which can play the role of soil decomposition. Many flower friends like to use rice washing water to water flowers. They must ferment fully, otherwise, the soil will harden.