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Why are there only one northern cuisine in the eight major cuisines of our country? Can't the northe

We all know that there are eight major cuisines in China, but it's very curious that only one of the eight cuisines belongs to the northern cuisines, and the rest belong to the southern cuisines. This makes the public very curious. Can't we say that the northern cuisine can't be served? And this is a northern cuisine, which is Shandong cuisine. For the northerners, they don't pay much attention to eating, as long as they can eat, while the southerners pay attention to what can and can't be eaten.

But if you really ask a southerner what they can't eat, I'm afraid they won't be able to answer at this time. But when it comes to the eight major cuisines, you should be familiar with Sichuan cuisine. The most famous feature of Sichuan cuisine is spicy. Although it's super spicy, it's very addictive.

As for other dishes, they are almost the same, except for Shandong cuisine. Most Shandong cuisine tastes a little bit sweet. No matter what you cook, you will put a little sugar on it. It will taste a little better. But even so, after a few bites, you will feel that this dish is a little tired, and you will not want to continue eating. Moreover, Shandong cuisine is very big, and you can't stand eating too much sweet and greasy Well, I guess that's why. What about you?