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Why MC Tianyou was banned by CCTV? The reason why Tianyou was banned

call for McGonagall and Li Tianyou to be banned because of improper speech in the live broadcast. Can Tianyou rise again in the future? On February 12, many well-known network anchors, including MC Tianyou, were asked by relevant departments to ban the broadcast of the whole network, which attracted the attention of many netizens. So, after being banned, can God help us to come back to live again? It's estimated that the future fate is very worrying. I'd better change my career as soon as possible.

Who is providence?

It is reported that Tianyou's real name is Li Tianyou. He graduated from secondary school, worked as a cashier, sold fried buns, and once wanted to eat enough every day. Now, he is worth more than 100 million yuan. He is on Hunan TV's new year's party with CAI Guoqing.

At the beginning, Tianyou danced in a dance club, performing a 50 yuan performance, with a monthly income of more than 5600 yuan and less than 1200 yuan, for three years. Later, he went to work as an Internet bar cashier, sold fried buns on the street, and was ignored. At that time, his wish was to have a family, which had food and drink, so he didn't have to worry about it.

Later, accidentally, Tianyou heard a man shouting "wheat" in the CD, and thought he was very handsome. In addition, he just broke up at that time, so he produced a work called "women, listen well", to tell about his depression. As soon as the work was released, it exploded on the Internet. Even he didn't know why it was so popular. But this time, Tianyou became the anchor, and Li Tianyou became MC Tianyou.

Later, he played "one man drunk" in the network fire, which attracted many stars' shouting challenge, which made his popularity burst out. Now he has been a leader in the live platform, with more than 20 million fans, and has been proved worth more than 100 million.

Why was God bless banned

In the early morning of February 12, the media confirmed to the live broadcast platform that MC Tianyou, a well-known network anchor, had been banned by relevant departments. It is understood that the relevant departments, together with many departments, held a meeting in Beijing last night (February 11) for all the head live platforms, asking each platform to ban multiple hosts, including MC Tianyou, and it is reported that there are also five five-year opening of Betta anchors.

What's the matter with MC Tianyou being banned?

As the first person of "shoumai", Tianyou is known as "shoumai elder brother". Not long ago, Tianyou was the last guest to attend the Zhejiang satellite TV New Year's party. It is said that the attendance fee was as high as 5 million yuan, while the attendance fee of Cai Yilin who performed on the same stage was only 3.4 million yuan. Now, through the "shoumai" popular Tianyou, we try our best to put off the dependence on "shoumai" and tear off the label of "shoumai", but the future is still uncertain and fell into the altar.

MC Tianyou changed its name twice and tried to tear off the label of "host", but it was still banned. Facing the restrictions of the platform on "calling for Mai", as early as 20 days ago, MC Tianyou micro blog "MC Tianyou" had been changed to "Tianyou", removed "MC", and its profile changed from "network MC Mai Shou" to "live red man, singer, actor".

However, within a few days, the name of Tianyou's microblog changed from "Tianyou" to "Li Tianyou". The profile also changed from "live red man, singer, actor" to "singer, actor" and removed the label of "live red man".

The second change of name is on YY. The account of Tianyou, MC Tianyou, has also been changed to Tianyou. MC has been removed. Although Tianyou is changing its name and constantly removing the labels of MC, Mai Shou, and live broadcast, it still hasn't escaped the forbidden fate. However, currently, the playback and short video of Tianyou on various live platforms can still be viewed normally.

According to the conjectures of all parties, there are two reasons for the killing at present:

1 MC Tianyou's being banned may be a follow-up to the pgone incident, which spread from hip-hop circle to shouting circle.

2, it may be the related combination of Kwai Chu rectification and micro-blog's hot rectification after the rectification. So it's towards the vulgar culture or entertainment industry.

Whether it's the former or the latter, there is little hope for Tianyou to come back again. Some netizens said that it's possible for Tianyou to continue to appear in the public's eyes if he changes his career as an actor.