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Do humidifiers really cause pneumonia? Correct use of humidifier

In dry winter, people like to use humidifier at home. Using humidifier can keep the respiratory tract moist and reduce the occurrence or recurrence of chronic bronchitis and asthma. But if the humidifier is not used properly, it is likely to cause pneumonia, so how to use the humidifier best?

Will humidifier induce pneumonia?

Many people in the use of humidifier will think that the more humid the better indoor humidity, which can prevent respiratory diseases. However, it is not the case. The humidity of human body should be 40% - 60%, which is difficult to spread. But if the humidity is too high, more than 60% or even 90%, it will lead to the discomfort of human respiratory system and mucous membrane, and the elderly are more likely to induce influenza, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases.

How to use humidifier to prevent pneumonia

1. The humidifier is not cleaned regularly. Some families often use humidifier, even 24 hours open, but ignore the regular cleaning, humidifier will become a hotbed of bacteria. Moreover, some children like to play with the mist emitted by the humidifier. If the resistance is poor at this time, it is easy to induce respiratory diseases. It is better to use pure water for humidifier, and replace it every day, and clean it thoroughly.

2. Add chemicals to the humidifier. Some people like to add fungicides or aromatherapy and other additives to humidifiers, which can effectively prevent diseases and relieve nerves. But in fact, the additive particles are relatively large, and it is easy to increase the burden of the respiratory system when inhaled for a long time. Therefore, it is not recommended to add any additives to the humidifier.

3. Do not adjust the humidity according to the weather. Most people buy humidifier, for the convenience of drawing, seldom adjust the humidity, which will not only lead to the effect of humidifier greatly reduced, but also bring adverse effects on the health of the body for a long time. When using the humidifier, it is better to equip with a thermometer with a dry and wet bulb to monitor the indoor humidity at any time, so as to facilitate the humidity adjustment of the humidifier.