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What is orange peel Pu'er? Be sure to find out before you buy

The development of the times, the air quality is getting worse. Now people begin to pay attention to the maintenance. In the hot season of citrus, some people will use tea to clean their lungs. Recently, someone is talking about the difference between the popular little green Mandarin, orange Pu and orange Pu'er in the past two years. Let's talk about it today.

Little green Mandarin has only become popular in recent years

Every year, after the orange tree blooms in spring, it starts to bear fruit. In order to ensure the quality of fruit, fruit thinning will be carried out in summer (i.e. removing part of too many young fruits artificially to obtain high-quality fruit and continuous high yield). Part of the fruit will be knocked down, and the small fruit knocked down at this time is the raw material of the small green orange which is particularly popular in recent years.

After the flesh of the immature little orange is removed, it is filled with Pu'er ripe tea or raw tea, as well as black tea and green tea. The most popular one on the market is filled with Pu'er ripe tea, which we will call "little green orange". This has only become popular in recent years.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine properties, the common efficacy of Xiaoqing orange is different from that of traditional Pu'er and orange peel. For fire or laryngitis, you can drink it properly, but if you drink it for a long time, it may break your breath, so don't drink it for a long time.

Xiaoqing tangerine

Two red oranges are commonly used for oranges, and big red oranges for orange peel and Pu'er

As the fruit trees continue to grow and ripen in autumn, but not yet fully matured, they will take out the pulp of a kind of orange that grows in Guangdong, especially Xinhui, and fill in the ripe tea of Pu'er, which is dried by charcoal fire. Such tea is called "ganpu".

From the end of November to the winter solstice every year, the fruit is fully mature. At this time, the fruit is called big red orange. Then, the fruit shell is used to combine with the ripe tea of Pu'er. After the same baking with carbon, after a period of storage, it must be stored for more than three years before it is called Chen PI. The tea after that is called Chen PI Pu'er.

The tea made from Erhong orange mentioned above can be sold in that year. This is ganpu. And the little green orange is generally made in summer, the orange Pu'er is generally in autumn, and the orange Pu'er is in winter, and the orange Pu'er must have been released for more than three years before it can be called the orange Pu'er.

Pu'er preserved for more than three years

Orange peel has a long history in tea

Of course, the health effects are different. So far, the information I have obtained has a very long history in Guangdong Province.

The combination of Pu'er tea and big red orange has been well received. The reason is that all the functions of tangerine peel are combined with the cooked Pu'er, especially the court Pu'er. In winter, it nourishes the intestines and stomach, reduces the liver fire, moistens the lungs and reduces the noise.

More than three years of orange peel + palace Pu'er = excellent combination

Ripe tea soup is soft and moist, with the fragrance of big red orange, especially the feeling of orange peel sweet for more than 3 years, it is really wonderful to blend together. As far as I'm concerned, I've been drinking orange peel Pu'er for about five or six years. I'll choose reliable manufacturers and have such traditional manufacturers.

As for the old tangerine peel which has been on the market for five years and ten years, it is relatively reliable as a medicine shop. However, with the prevalence of Pu'er with tangerine peel, there are also many counterfeiters. It is suggested that the majority of tea friends sell tea for inspection.