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In this way, raising Anthurium can make the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum bloom continuously

Red palm, also known as Flamingo flower, is a pot plant that many flower friends like. It's very nice to put a pot at home. How can red palm grow well and keep blooming? If you want to raise a red palm pot plant well, first of all, you need to understand the growth habits and rules of red palm, remember this skill, and then you can raise red palm to be vigorous and flowery.

Raise red palm, remember this point, the leaf has luster to grow prosperous, the flower continuously opens!

If Anthurium andraeanum can bloom all the year round at a suitable temperature, the flowering period is very long, because it has no specific flowering period, and the petals of the flowers are waxy, and a flower can bloom for a month.

It likes a slightly humid and warm growing environment, which is suitable for semi shade and astigmatism. Therefore, it is not allowed to dry the potted plants for a long time, nor to expose them in the sun. The temperature suitable for its growth is about 25 degrees, so it is necessary to shade properly in summer. When the temperature is higher than 30 degrees, it is easy to have yellow leaves and dry leaves. In winter, it should be placed in the enclosed balcony in a warm and warm place. When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it will enter a semi dormant state and can no longer blossom.

Anthurium andraeanum needs suitable air humidity. When watering, the basin soil can't have standing water for a long time, but it can't be too dry due to not watering for a long time. Standing water is easy to rot roots and rotten leaves. If not watering for a long time, it will turn yellow leaves. So we should water it according to the situation of basin soil, and occasionally spray some water on the leaf surface.

Red palm can be raised in soil or hydroponics. In fact, it's very simple to take care of them.

How can red palm keep blooming?

The soil for red palm cultivation is suitable for planting with loose, fertile and breathable acid soil, which should not be too rigid. After planting, it is better to put it in a relatively soft light, or in a scattered place for maintenance.

If the potted anthurium has blossomed, it needs a relatively stable temperature. As long as the temperature at home is over 15 degrees, as long as the temperature difference between morning and evening is not big, and the temperature in winter is about 10 degrees, it can grow and bloom all the time.

Although it is suitable for growth under scattered light, it can not always be placed in the dark and dark place, nor in the long-term especially humid place. The basin soil is wet for a long time, so it is easy to get yellow leaves and rotten roots. Therefore, in addition to the high temperature in summer, the occasional sun, indoor maintenance, we must maintain ventilation, do not put in the place with oil smoke dust.

In the growth period, water the thin fertilizer once a month, no matter it is phosphorus, potassium or organic fertilizer, so that the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum can grow luxuriantly, grow more, the leaves are glossy and glossy, and the flowers are beautiful and bright.

Daily maintenance methods and skills of Potted Anthurium andraeanum

In a word, we should cultivate it according to its habits. In the time of flowering, we must apply fertilizer to it. A small amount of thin fertilizer is applied each time, but a small amount of fertilizer is applied many times. In ten days, we can give fertilizer water to cakes or a small amount of slow-release fertilizer to flowers. It's better to use liquid fertilizer, no matter whether it's nutrient solution or organic fertilizer water. We usually pour water, it's OK. In this way, when flowering, we can provide nutrition Should be continuous, it will naturally be able to continue, out of beautiful and bright flowers.