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How to delete SMS accidentally? Apple mobile phone SMS recovery method

the memory of the mobile phone is large enough, but I still feel that the memory of the mobile phone is not enough. What should I do if I delete the SMS accidentally? Here's how to recover Apple's SMS. Apple's SMS recovery method:

First of all, we need to use the iTunes tool to back up Apple's mobile phone data. As shown in the figure, from the pop-up "backup" interface, click the "do not back up the application" button, and then you can complete the backup operation of Apple phone data.

After the data backup of Apple mobile phone is completed, install and run the 'PP assistant' program, switch to the 'toolbox' tab, and click the 'iTunes backup management' button.

At this time, the mobile phone data files backed up by iTunes will be automatically searched and listed. Double click the corresponding backup file to display the "backup viewer" interface as shown in the figure, switch to the "SMS" tab, select the "SMS. DB" file, and click the "export" button to save the database file output to the computer.

Next, install and run 'Firefox'. Enter '' in the address bar to open the 'SQLite manager' plug-in security interface as shown in the figure. Click 'download now' to install the plug-in.

After installing the plug-in, directly press' ALT 'in the main interface of Firefox browser to display the' menu bar 'interface, and click' tools' - 'SQLiteManager' to run the database browser plug-in.

From the main interface of the open plug-in, click open to open the window as shown in the figure. Set the file type to all (*. *). Find the corresponding sms.db file and select it. Click open.

After the corresponding sms.db database is successfully opened, switch to the 'SMS tab, and then switch to the' browser search 'tab in the right window to view all the SMS content in the Apple phone. The' body 'attribute will display the specific SMS content.