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China made! The second year of "made in China" brand plan of the Ministry of Commerce

On December 3, 2018, the Ministry of Commerce released the publicity film themed "made in China" brand work plan "inheritance and creation". Many cultural and business elites join hands with brands such as COMAC and Tongrentang to sing the power of Chinese brands.

It is understood that "made in China" takes "made in China I love, let the world embrace made in China" as the slogan of publicity and promotion, which is a brand action to expand the popularity and reputation of Chinese brands in the global market, help the innovation and improvement of product and service quality of Chinese enterprises, and guide Chinese brands to consciously assume more corporate social responsibility. Since the plan was launched in November 2017, it has received good response at home and abroad, effectively improving the attention and influence of Chinese brands.

Each industry is engraved with cultural heritage; each era is witnessing unique creation. Compared with the previous year, "made in China 2018: Inheritance and creation" focuses more on displaying the cultural connotation of Chinese brands, and more on the spiritual value, cultural value and industrial value that China, as a civilization, a cultural community, a big country with historical assets and shouldering the global important development responsibility, should have.

The theme public welfare propaganda film starts with the Grand Canal of China, and the symbolic brands such as Beijing CBD, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), China high speed railway, Gree, Netease strict selection, Chery, Dabao and missing food flash out in turn, showing a big country image that has come from history and is brave to create, willing to open up, open and inclusive. In addition, the "made in China & middot; inheritance and creation 2018" theme public welfare promotional film also selects cultural masters and important people with deep industry influence in different industries of the cultural industry, and together with the elites and leaders of the enterprise industry, it shows the historical spirit of the continuity of made in China.

In the future, 'made in China' will continue to give a comprehensive voice from China's manufacturing, business and cultural sectors through video, graphics and some well-known exhibitions at home and abroad. As the slogan of "made in China 2018: Inheritance and creation" put it: "I love made in China, let the world embrace made in China".