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2018 double 12 1st hour 3 fold up time limit second kill! Is double 12 more favorable than double 11

Every year's double 12 is also a promotion activity. Double 12 will be the last large-scale tmall Taobao welfare activity before the end of the year, so the intensity of the activity will definitely be quite large. The first hour 3 of 2018 double 12 will be a limited time kill! Is double 12 more favorable than double 11? It's going to be another wave of crazy buying!

Taobao double 12 offers a lot

You can cut your hands again if you haven't cut enough friends in double 11. It's less than half a month before you can cut your hands in mood. Moreover, this year, Taobao launched the most double 12 activity in history. The activity starts from December 1 to December 12. You can enjoy a discount. It is reported that the first hour of double 12 offers a lot!

Just after the double 11, the next one is double 12. In 2018, Taobao double 12 is a festival that integrates the power of Taobao to let consumers rob, and it is also a feast for sellers. In this year's Taobao double 12 activity, Taobao will make efforts at the same time on the PC and wireless terminals, work together with sellers to create a shopping carnival for consumers and create a better shopping experience together.

Different from the previous years, this year's Taobao double 12 is the 'best in history'. It is not only the first time to cheer for double 12 with the way of variety talent show, but also the first time to open the first hour as low as 3 fold time limit.

Taobao is a treasure basin of Chinese folk creativity. Take it from the people, use it for the people. The 1.5 billion treasure in Taobao can be said to be the treasure of the people. This year's Taobao double 12, with the theme of "people's treasure", is divided into four directions: People's face, people's home, people's stomach, and people's joy. It has designed 350 different theme venues, large and small, including characteristic venues, list venues, industry venues, and coupons venues. From December 1 to December 12, the whole 12 days of carnival will be opened.

The most exciting thing is that the first hour of this year's double 12 is called the "golden first hour". Wen Zhong, the person in charge of Taobao double 12, said that from 0:00 to 1:00 on December 12, the active commodities will be sold within a time limit with a price as low as 3 fold. The party cutting hands can enjoy the discount on the price promotion. Including Guochao, jiyoujia, sports special and other special products will appear in the "golden first hour" list, as well as a number of fashion brand shoes and clothing, health food and tonic, fine department stores, mobile computers, etc. As long as the speed of hand is fast enough, you can get the best discount.

Taobao, for the first time, cheered shuang-12 with a variety show, inviting the public to run for the "people's treasure" C position. It is understood that the "Taobao 1212 people's baby general election" was launched on November 23 and ended on December 12 for 20 days. Taobao will invite consumers to choose their favorite products to become the "people's treasure", successfully select the "national agent" who will finally become a treasure, and have the chance to win the empty car award.