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How to identify the authenticity of hot pot mutton rolls in winter? One easy move

when eating hotpot in winter, the food that must be ordered is instant boiled mutton. Generally, many businesses like to cut mutton into rolls. Eating mutton in winter has a very good nourishing effect on the body. However, some illegal vendors often use some inferior mutton to replenish. Today's Xiaobian teaches you how to identify the authenticity of mutton.

How to identify the authenticity of mutton?

1、 Look at the color

When buying mutton, you can see the color of the meat. If the mutton is fresh, the color is red and bright. If it's mutton made of some fresh duck meat, it looks yellow. If you use pork as mutton, the color will be pink. The color of mutton should be slightly lighter than that of beef.

2、 Look where the fat meets the thin

In order to treat duck meat as mutton, many illegal businesses will pour mutton oil on the duck meat, so that there will be a taste of mutton and a smell of mutton. Then, the meat will be frozen and cut into pieces, and you can observe it when eating. If it is steamed mutton, then the fat meat and lean meat will be linked to the lotus root, which is not so easy to disconnect. Fake mutton can not achieve this effect.

3、 Smell

Most people have eaten mutton. People who haven't eaten mutton should not want to eat it and don't like the smell of mutton. In fact, mutton smell is also a way to distinguish mutton. If the duck is used as a fake, the fishy smell will be greater. If you can't smell it when you buy it, you can cut a small piece of meat and burn it with a lighter. It has obvious mutton taste after burning, so it is authentic. If there's a fishy smell of duck meat, it's fake and shoddy products. Don't buy them.

What part of mutton is suitable for stewing?

All parts of the sheep have different ways of eating. If you want to drink stewed soup, you should use the thighs or ribs to stew it. The whole texture of mutton is still tender. When you use spareribs to make soup, there will be a layer of film texture on the outside, which is very soft. After stewing, the taste is also very delicious. Secondly, the thigh of sheep is also particularly suitable for stewing. The thigh of sheep is also the tendon meat. Its hardness is very moderate, and it tastes more chewy. Besides stewing soup, it can also be marinated, sauced and braised. If you want to stir fry, you can choose the sirloin, shoulder or hip. The texture of these parts is very attractive for people to use for stir fry. It tastes good.