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How about using Wahaha make-up tray?

Wahaha nutrition express has even put out a make-up plate. Is it surprising for the young people? This time, it's really the Chinese products that should be strengthened. The development momentum of the Chinese brands in recent years is getting better and better. From the catch-up of product quality to the fun and youth of playing methods, more and more young people begin to face the Chinese products with a new attitude.

On November 24, Wahaha released a limited nutrition express line, with the theme of "you are good enough" as the new packaging.

'domestic products, give the world some color to see.'

Zongfuli Kelly, chairman of Wahaha, also tweeted in person

'China, you're good enough'

The brand-new packaging changes the simple and crude style of blue white and orange white, blends and contrasts the two bright color systems of green grass and peach blossom powder, bringing people youthful vitality and a new visual experience, and becomes the magic weapon of street clapping!

On December 1, it will be launched together with the limited nutrition express line, as well as Wahaha surprise cross-border makeup plate.

After looking for the real person color test picture, I have a very advanced feeling after coloring.

With the launch of the product, Wahaha also launched a short film. In the face of "not fashionable", "not special", "not perfect" and "not powerful", the short film responds positively with a personal attitude and tells every young person that you are outstanding enough.