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Can humidifier cause pneumonia in newborns? Keep in mind the usage taboo of humidifier

can humidifier cause pneumonia in newborns? Winter climate is dry, especially in the North indoor use of heating, air dry. So many people will put humidifiers indoors to relieve the dryness in winter. Will using humidifiers cause pneumonia in winter? What precautions and taboos should we take when using humidifiers?

Is it true that humidifier causes pneumonia in baby?

In fact, it's not so evil. As long as it's used correctly, it's OK.

"Humidifier pneumonia" is similar to air conditioning disease, in fact, it is caused by the unscientific use of household appliances.

Pay attention to these problems when using humidifier

1. Cleaning before use

Before using the humidifier, it must be cleaned to ensure cleanliness. When cleaning, try to use less bactericide and disinfectant. Soak in 60 to 70 degree hot water, wash repeatedly with running water, and then wipe off the scale around the water tank with a soft cloth.

Cleaning before using humidifier is the same as cleaning before using air conditioner. If the air inhaled is dirty, it's strange not to get sick.

2. Need to change water frequently

When the water in the humidifier is kept for a long time, microorganisms such as mould will be produced. These microorganisms will diffuse into the air with the air mist, and then enter the baby's respiratory tract, which is easy to cause respiratory diseases.

It is recommended to change the humidifier every day, and it is better to clean it once a week.

3. It is not recommended to keep the humidifier on all day

Some families in order to make the baby more comfortable, humidifier also with the whole day run, in fact, this is not conducive to health.

► full day operation means that it can not be cleaned up and easy to produce mold.

►: the door is closed all day, the air is poor, harmful substances can not be dispersed, anyway, it is more likely to get sick.

4. Don't add anything to the humidifier

Remember, no matter whether it is vinegar, Banlangen, essential oil, perfume, fungicide or toilet water, it is not recommended to use humidifier. Because some drugs or essential oil ingredients, if inhaled into the lungs, easily lead to rhinitis or asthma, and even have serious consequences.

5. Put the humidifier in a proper position

The humidifier is best placed on a stable plane about 1 meter high, so the moisture emitted is just within the range of motion of the body, and the indoor air is more easily circulated at this height. Keep away from heat, corrosion, electrical appliances, etc.

How to choose a suitable humidifier?

1. Suitable humidification area

All humidifiers will have a rated humidification volume, that is, the number of milliliters of atomized water per hour, and the applicable humidification area will also be indicated. For example, a humidifier of 200ml / h is generally suitable for a room of 25-30m2.

2. No white powder

Inferior ultrasonic humidifier, the calcium and magnesium in the water may be broken into particles, which will directly float into the air, and then deposit on the furniture and the floor with a layer of white powder. Such humidifier will bring secondary pollution to the air, which is harmful to the body.

3, quiet

Generally speaking, 30-40db is a relatively quiet normal environment, suitable for rest. The noise of the humidifier should also be within this range.