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BMW X7 is expected to go on sale next year! What is the estimated price of BMW X7 in China

The BMW X7 has attracted much attention since it was released. It is understood that the BMW X7 is the largest SUV, and the BMW X7 is expected to go on sale next year! Are netizens looking forward to it? What is the estimated price of BMW X7 in China? Come and have a look.

As a new flagship SUV, the BMW X7 is coming soon. It is said that it will go on sale next year. The biggest SUV of the BMW X7 family, the tuhao who like SUV models, will think about it. The design of the BMW X7 new car is very fierce, and there is a strong sense of technology in the interior. You deserve to have it.

BMW X7 goes on sale next year

According to relevant sources, BMW's new flagship SUV, the X7, will be officially released at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 29. It is reported that the BMW X7 is positioned as a full-scale flagship SUV, which is built based on the BMW clar modular platform. It is estimated that the price range will be around 1.08 million yuan to 1.78 million yuan, and will compete with Mercedes Benz GLS and other models at that time.

The appearance of the new car is still a BMW family design, with a high degree of identification. The new car will still use a "double kidney" shaped forward air grille, but the area will be larger. The headlights of the new car will be laser headlights, and the LED light source inside the lamp group looks like a 'spoon'.

The waistline of the car body is very straight and long, with clear edges and corners, which looks very powerful. The shape of the rear part matches the strong body very well. The tail lamp group is in the shape of 'l'. The trunk door will be opened in sections, and the exhaust system will be arranged in two sides.

In terms of power, the BMW X7 is expected to be equipped with a 3.0T twin turbo V6 engine and a 4.4t twin turbo V8 engine, with a maximum power of 250KW and 390kw respectively, peak torque of 450N & middot; m and 750N & middot; m respectively, matching an 8-speed automatic gearbox and a full-time four-wheel drive system.