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What's the use of a birth certificate? How to make up for lost birth certificate?

Every newborn will have a birth certificate at the time of birth. This certificate must be kept strictly. What can I do if it is lost accidentally?

Birth certificate is the certificate that every baby (citizen) should be issued to prove the birth date, place, name, gender, weight, height, blood type, baby number, birth number, birth certificate number, health status, delivery doctor and other birth certificates. Birth certificate is one of the valid certificates for a baby to declare his / her household registration.

What's the use of a birth certificate?

It is necessary to apply for maternity insurance and go to school. The birth certificate, also known as the birth medical certificate, is a legal medical certificate issued in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on maternal and infant health care to prove the birth status, blood relationship, declaration of nationality and household registration of the baby to obtain citizenship. According to the requirements of birth certificate, self filling form of birth medical certificate and birth medical certificate shall be filled in. The birth certificate mainly proves the following terms:

1. To certify the health and natural condition of the birth population within the territory of the people's Republic of China at the time of birth;

2. To prove the consanguinity of the birth population;

3. As the medical basis for the acquisition of nationality;

4. As the medical basis for the registration of the birth population by the household registration authority;

5. As the evidence of newborn's access to health care services according to law;

6. To provide basis for other matters that must be valid with birth medical certificate

Parents must pay attention to the birth certificate: once the child's ID card is determined, it will be difficult to change it again, and it is very important for the future proof of the child, so parents can't ignore it. With the birth certificate, the newborn baby will have its own personal identity and be a member of the family. Why does the Public Security Bureau help you change the name of the household register without changing the birth certificate In order to not belong to the same institution, it should belong to the hospital, so they have the right to change the hospital where the children are born. But they mainly changed their account books. At the same time, the birth certificate of the child is the most advantageous and convenient way to handle the household register and ID card. It will play an important role in children's future enrollment, marriage and going abroad.

What to do if I lose my birth certificate

If the birth medical certificate is required to be reissued due to the loss or theft of the original certificate, the relevant birth medical record certification materials of the original issuing unit shall be obtained, and then the application for reissue shall be submitted to the local county (District) or above health administrative department. After receiving the application, the health administrative department at or above the county (District) level shall, after verification, reissue the birth medical certificate and affix the special seal for reissue of the birth medical certificate if the situation is true. Specific measures: if the birth medical certificate is lost before the household registration, the front and back pages of the birth medical certificate shall be reissued; if the birth medical certificate is lost after the household registration, only the front pages of the birth medical certificate shall be reissued. Reissue of the birth medical certificate shall provide the parent-child relationship statement issued by the child's parents or guardians'; the collateral evidence of the child's parent-child relationship with its parents (guardians); the delivery certificate issued by the delivery personnel, the certificate issued by the residents (villagers) committee or unit of the place where the child's parents or guardians have their household registration; the copy of the parents' or guardians' ID card. The reissue of birth medical certificate is only applicable to infants born after January 1, 1996. All citizens born before January 1, 1996 will not be issued a new birth medical certificate. If the birth medical certificate is required for going abroad, the birth certificate issued by the notary department shall be the legal and valid certificate.