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How can taoji merchants participate in seckill? Detailed introduction of merchants participating in

The second killing activity of taoji is the place with the largest traffic on the platform of taoji. Many businesses want to participate in the second killing activity of taoji to get free traffic. Then, how can taoji businesses participate in the second killing activity? Let's take a look at the details of merchants participating in the second kill of taoji.

The second kill of taoji set, which will be noticed by taoji merchants after they enter the site, is located in the first position of icon on the homepage, with tens of millions of traffic. It is one of the channels with the largest traffic conversion of taoji set, but the second kill is also regulated by certain rules.

Requirements for taoji merchants to participate in seckill:

1. The commodity shall be the lowest price in the whole network. The basic requirement of the commodity is that the price shall meet 20% of the daily constant price and the lowest price in the whole network. All SKUs participating in the activity must be the lowest price in the whole network (including taoji platform).

2. According to the historical sales volume, historical conversion rate and discount intensity of each product, we will choose the best.

3. If the price is not the lowest in the whole network, or the price is the same as the selling price on the resource bit, it will be forbidden to report and kill for a week,

4. Each business can only submit 2 products per day.

5. After the operation confirms the goods, it will notify the merchants to send samples. If no information is received within three days, it will be deemed as failure.

6. The title of the commodity shall be clear in material, and there shall be fabric material. The cotton material shall be specific to several layers of cotton, and the high-quality fabric shall be highlighted at the head of the title.

7. The title shall clearly indicate the specification, weight, quantity and other specifications of the goods. The packaged goods can clearly indicate the packing form, such as gift box, bulk, etc.

8. The title can highlight Commodity services and selling points, and high-end single commodity can highlight services, such as door-to-door installation, 2-year contract, SF express, etc. The selling points of buy and give goods can be highlighted in the title.

9. The main picture of commodities shall be clear and the quality of pictures shall be clear. The inventory of different SKU products is kept in balance, and the best-selling products are in sufficient inventory. The monochromatic and out of stock products cannot pass the examination.

10. As for the rules of seckill, there are not many requirements. When participating in the activity, the merchant shall fill in the ID name, specification, price and inventory of the goods in detail according to the requirements of the activity. Declare according to the facts, and do not maliciously offer low prices, falsely report inventory, falsely report product information, etc.

11. The quoted price must be the lowest in the whole network (the lowest price in the whole network refers to the lowest price in the whole network in all channels such as Taobao, pinduoduo, Jingdong, etc.)

12. Businesses can also ensure their own delivery capacity, and the final inventory on the active page is subject to the actual inventory.

13. Model: there shall be no inconsistency in style, model, effect, composition and color.

14. Specification: there shall be no inconsistency between specifications

15. Validity period: products with problems in warranty period are not allowed, and the situation of actual sales of temporary products is not allowed

16. Second kill value & Ge; 2W, 4 hours long, 4 hours regret being off the shelf.

17. If the basic sales volume is greater than or equal to 500, seckill products need to be at a lower discount of 20% off the daily price (& le; 80%) and the lowest in the whole network.

18. Commodity master map, rotation map, detailed description map, need seconds to kill detailed, can not appear fuzzy, font is not clear, etc.

19. For each seckill product, it is required to provide 3000 dog sub products with value, so as to achieve drainage and better transformation.