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How does winter lip dry split skin do? Six moves to protect your lips

Winter is a dry and cold season, many girls will have the embarrassment of dry split and peeling in winter. They can't laugh. The mouth even hurts around the lips with a smile, so how to care for the dry split and peeling lips? Correct maintenance methods are very important.

1. Don't lick

Once our lips are dry, it's like licking with our tongue. But after licking with our tongue, the water on our lips will evaporate faster, which will only aggravate the dry condition of our lips and will not improve the peeling phenomenon. Therefore, we must control our tongue.

2, drink water

The reason why the lips are dry and lack of water is that we need to replenish water at this time. When the water in the body reaches a certain level, there will be no water shortage, and there will be no performance of water shortage, so the condition of the lips will be improved, so we need to drink more water if we have nothing to do. Xiaobian will drink a mouthful of water and continue to write.

3. Apply lip balm.

Lip balm is a good solution to dry lips, so we must stick to the lip balm so that we can effectively alleviate our drying problems. Men should not resist it. This is a direct and effective way.

4. Vitamin B supplement

If our body is short of vitamins, we will also show lip peeling. At this time, we need to eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins B and a in the body.

5. Labial membrane

Lip mask may be unfamiliar to many men, but it is an effective method for lip care. We must insist on it for a long time. In addition, especially for men, it can also be applied with hot towel, which also has a certain nursing effect.

6, cheilitis

If this situation is not improved for a long time, we must consider the possibility of cheilitis. At this time, we need to go to the hospital for diagnosis in time, which is likely to be cheilitis. We need to check and prevent deterioration in time.