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What about Huawei mobile phone card? How to solve Huawei mobile card

Mobile phone is too laggy. Many mobile phone mobile users will react to HUAWEI mobile phone. Some HUAWEI mobile phone users will feel stuck when they get the phone. What happens when HUAWEI phones appear on the phone? How to solve the problem of Huawei mobile card?

Method 1:

Open the settings of the mobile phone, click about mobile phone, and click the version number six times in the place of version number (click more times, you will be prompted that you are in developer mode).

In the settings of the mobile phone, the "after developer mode" option will appear. There is an option called forced GPU rendering. When it is forced to open, the whole picture can be rendered quickly and accurately.

Method two:

I believe that many people have used the mobile phone manager. Here is a function to close the application in the background of the mobile phone, so as to save the memory of the mobile phone and improve the running speed.

In addition, its startup management can also reduce the memory after startup and improve the running speed of the mobile phone.

This is the solution to Huawei's cell phone jam. I hope it can bring you some help, and you can use your cell phone happily in the future. Today's tutorial is here. Thank you for watching.