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2018 tiktok often put ten great Divine Comedy what are they? How many do you know

Tiktok tiktok tiktok, who love to play with a jitter, is now a mobile phone. There are downloads of voice on the phone around friends. What are the ten major divine songs that are often put on 2018 jitter? How many do you know?

Tiktok tiktok believes that many people have a common understanding that some of the rhythmic rhythms tiktok are all from the APP, so Xiaobian is going to search for you today, the 2018 most popular songs and the ten most divine songs that are often heard.

Seaweed dance

In fact, this song is the latest album of Xiao Quan, the original author of social shakes. Although it was published at the end of last year, the highest singing rate of true biography is 2018. Anyway, people who have heard this song can't help but swing with the sound of the music: like a... Sea grass ~ sea grass ~ sea grass ~ sea grass ~ dance with the wind

Take you on a trip

The girl who took you to travel was the headmaster. The song was a more fire music in the jitter, mainly because of the wonderful thing of traveling, and the reason for the incident was that a man carried a big stereo on the street and randomly presented his love video to his younger sister. Of course, the man also used speculation as the precondition, while talented netizens cut the whole story out of the tiktok and the big. The male series of stories was played on the tiktok, and then a group of tourist fever appeared.

Buddha girl

The tiktok's latest single is not unexpected in the trembling sound. After all, von Timo has strong "indoorsman fans" who believe that most of them are also friends. And von Timo, who has a little fresh singing and lyrics, is very close to the recent songs of "Buddha" mentality.

We're different

This song was created by a very talented anchor in Momo. The tune of this song is not very high, but it sings the bitterness of different people in different opportunities. However, some netizens think that this song is too 'loser', while Xiaobian thinks that it's just a song. If you like it, you can listen. If you don't like it, you can lose it. Why add your own subjective comments?

Panama (C mile C mile)

You may be a little strange about this song of Panama, but when it comes to "C mile and C mile", it's just a brainwashing song. It's going to dance in minutes, and then add the God translation of Internet friends: brother, there are 400 Jin duck sales in your hometown? It's Baina, Baina? Yes, yes, yes, yes? Do it! Come on, come on, come on, come on, don't pay. Stupid pig! Brother and sister, where is the car?... it's hard to laugh or not!

Love is you

The singer is Liu Jia. What I love is that you are included in the album "walking alone", and you are also the epilogue and episode of "City game". Tiktok is a dog killer Divine Comedy, plus the love of gesture dance is actually the tiktok.

Me too

Although tiktok's offbeat rate is not low, it is not from the jitter, which has been hit by the top ten singles of Canada, Australia and other countries. It has won thirteenth in the US billboard singles list, and is an alternative tiktok widely used in electric music. Tiktok find everything fresh and new with me too as one of the most creative videos of background music.

Worry about leaving others

The melodious ancient style music is full of chivalrous feelings of Changyi in the Jianghu. It's also a common tune in the tiktok technology. The lens's operation technology and the creation of ancient style and mood are all superior. I also saw that little sisters dance national dance, which is quite amazing.


Tiktok tiktok, a beautiful Japanese song, has a little bit of noise on the vibrato, and the maiden love it as background music. People who prefer melodic and Slow Lyric can listen to songs that are completely out of tune and can be heard out of the jitter.

Down In The DM

The singer of the song is yo Gotti, a hardcore rapper in the United States. The song was lit because of a tiktok official push, a dance challenge. Because of the simple dance movements, many people imitate it. This song is naturally a fire for BGM.

Like I Would

The singer is zayn Malik, a British male singer and a former member of one direction. The song is included in the album mind of mine. This song is very rhythmic, and many people in this tune dance with this tiktok as BGM.

It's all you

This song combines a variety of styles such as Rb, hip hop, rap, etc., and the lead singer dragon pig has a very rare black voice in China, and a variety of elements are integrated into this very personalized song. Although this song was released in 2017, tiktok is still a new song in the APP of this year.

Little jumping frog

Tiktok, a song from frog, is a childish girl. But in fact, this song is not what the children are listening to. It's a song of eight children. In the jitter, this song is used as a music for selling the video of the MOE. The cute lyrics and adorable expressions have captured a large number of girls' ears.